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Club Membership

Although we are happy for you to ride with the club to see if you enjoy the group riding experience, we do expect that after three or four such rides, that you become a member.

Membership costs just £15 a year for adults and £1 a year for juniors (plus a £1 admin fee in each case), and as well as allowing you to continue to ride with us, also has the following benefits:

  • membership of the ACC Facebook group for ride info, etc
  • availability of club kit and £15 discount on a jersey for new members
  • discount in local bike shops
  • entry to club events such as TTs and BBQs
  • a say in the running of the club

If you wish to go ahead and join us, please follow the link below to our membership page. Note that this is hosted by British Cycling on our behalf, but British Cycling membership is not required.


Become a Member <<< CLICK HERE


A copy of the club rules can be found here. We would like to draw your attention to rule 5f, which states that all members must have their own third party insurance. There are a number of ways of obtaining this, either through membership of an organisation like British Cycling or Cycling UK (formerly the CTC), or by arranging separately. Many insurance companies will provide specific insurance at a reasonable cost, an example being London Cycling Campaign, and some home insurance includes suitable cover.