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Chelmer Cycling Club Annual 1st Claim Membership Fees for 2018 are as detailed below.
The Membership Year runs from 1st January to the 31st December. If joining part way through the year, the fee payable will be calculated on the number of full months remaining.
Senior/Vets (18+): £35.
Junior (16-18): £10.
Juvenile (under 16): £5.
Associate: £5
2nd Claim Membership Fees (ie already a member of another club but wish to join the Chelmer as well) are 50% of the 1st Claim fee. 
3rd Party Insurance Cover is strongly advised although not mandatory and is automatically provided through membership of British Cycling or Cycling UK. 
If you would like to become a member of the Chelmer Cycling Club, please download, complete and return to the Membership Secretary’s address together with your payment or email to if paying by direct bank transfer