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 Welcome to the Chelmer CC Vuelta à Essex

 What’s it all about? 

This is a competition open to all members of the Chelmer that celebrates the dual pleasures of the Vuelta a Espana, and cycling in Essex. It is a virtual, yet real, stage race over the same 3 week period of the actual Vuelta, Saturday 25th August to Sunday 16th September, but covering the rolling countryside of Essex rather than the mountains of Spain. Like the Vuelta there are 21 stages, but, unlike the Vuelta, in this competition everyone completes their own individual tour and each stage is a Strava segment.

There is a familiar mixture of time trial, sprint, hilly and transitional stages, and everyone will be competing to have the lowest cumulative time for all of the stages/segments. Just like the real thing, there will be a range of competitions in play, alongside the Maillot Rojo.


Entry is £5 per person. Payment should ideally be made direct to the club bank account (details below), please reference payments ‘vuelta’ for tracking purposes. Additionally, you will need to drop me an email to confirm your payment has been made. Alternatively payment can be made directly to me. Either way, all entries must be in by Friday 24th August.

Sort Code: 20-19-95

Account Number: 30261920

Each entrant will then need to maintain their own ‘registro de la vuelta’ (overleaf), where they will record when they completed each stage and their time. This will need to be submitted to me by email (, or in person, by Friday 21st September.

Competitions and Prizes

As with any multi-stage race there will be a number of competitions taking place simultaneously, prizes are tbc, but they will be generous and there should be a red jersey for the overall winner:

  • Maillot Rojo – scratch 1st Overall
  • 2nd Overall
  • 3rd Overall
  • 1st Woman
  • 1st Veteran (over 40)
  • Best young rider (1st U23)
  • Points Competition – Green Jersey
  • King of the Mountains
  • Lanterne Rouge

 Overall winner has the lowest cumulative time for completion of all stages.

Points are awarded on the basis of 3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd in those stages identified in the stage list/registro. Additionally 2 bonus points will be awarded in the relevant competition where a rider holds the Strava KOM for a counting stage/segment at the conclusion of the event.

 30 bonus seconds are available for any riders completing all of a week’s stages in one ride. And 30 bonus seconds are available for any riders completing each of a week’s stages one each day. 

 20 bonus seconds will be awarded to all riders attending the formal grand depart/prologue. A further 20 bonus seconds will be awarded to all riders who attend the ceremonial final stage and have a drink at the Compasses in Littley Green afterwards. Full details of these events to follow.


Rules of the game

Whilst stages may be undertaken in the context of a group ride, this is an individual competition and segments must be completed solo and with no influence from other riders.

The event is completely non-aero. All stages must be undertaken with equipment in line with BC rules for road race events.

All stages must be undertaken within the designated weeks. The prologue should be completed on day 1 (25/8), and the finale on the final day (16/09).

In essence this competition is based on the cycling ethos of fair play and good sportsmanship. Rider honesty is central to a successful competition. However, claims for strava KOMs will be verified, and there may be some spot checking of strava records to cross check times submitted.

The decisions of the organising committee (me) are final.  Above all this is a bit of fun, ride hard, but ride sensibly.