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Peter Chapman 1934 – 2018

Back in April Peter Chapman died, he was 84, he had been a Chelmer member for many years, just recently his son, Piers Chapman, who resides in California, instructed the solicitors of Peter’s estate to donate £1,000 to the Chelmer CC, I thought you may be interested about the life of one of our past members.


Here are exerts from Piers emails


Sarah Rankin the solicitor passed on your e-mail addresses to me.  I'm glad you got the cheque, and I was very glad to be able to make the donation.  The Chelmer club was so important to my dad, it gave him lifelong friends -- Lionel Blanks and Bill Morgan to name only two -- so I wanted to "repay" you as it were.  I understand via a relative who knows Lionel that you are doing some sort of write-up about Dad?  I've got a few pictures from the 1950s that you might like, plus a picture of a 1951 diary where Dad describes his "first cycle race".  Bill Morgan rode it too; it was on the Manningtree course.


The diary in March 1951 Dad was still 16.  The two brothers Malcolm (left) and my dad Peter (right) with their bikes, don't know the date but around 1950 given their ages (Malc was two years older).  Dad was very proud of his Ellis-Gibbs bicycle which he rode with the club.


Left to right:  club members Bill Morgan, Peter Chapman, Lionel Blanks, "Brighton Easter 1952".  According to the caption of another photo the same day, they took the Tilbury ferry.  Dad would have been 17 here; Bill and Lionel similar ages.


Peter and my mother Joy (nee Marden) Chapman; June (nee Lewis) & Bill Morgan.  Both ladies now gone.


My parents with Mary & Keith Lancaster.  Mary is David Powell's sister, very likely a Club dinner circa 1960, that's Malcolm in the background.


I’ve heard of the Horsnell’s all my life but have met them only at the 2 funerals, they are delightful.  Their longevity with the club along with that of dad’s other friends over nearly 70 years is amazing and I hope you know how special that is.

Here is Peter’s obituary from the Essex Chronicle