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Sunday Club Rides at Chelmer CC


A Group - Different Ride leaders each week

The A group has different ride leaders each week. The ride leader will be advertised on facebook along with the destination. These rides are usually 50-70 miles in length and do always have a coffee stop at the half way point.

The rides start at 0900 from the club HQ. These rides are approx 17-19 mph average.

B Group - Led by Steve Freeman/ Nick Lions

The B group will advertise their rides on facebook or decide on the day if they do not want to go to the same place as the A Group.  Often the B riders will take short cuts to reach the same coffee stop as the A group at the same time. 

The B group usually do 50-60 miles and leave the club HQ at 9am. The average speed is approx 16-17mph and noone gets dropped or left behind. 

C Group - Ride Leader Jeff

The C group ride always leaves the club on a sunday at 0900. This ride is generally paced at 15mph but will never drop anyone. There is always a coffee stop at around the half way mark and the ride is approx 50 miles in length. 


Endurance Ride - usually led by Antony Stapleton


The endurance group rides are generally 80+ miles with some topping out at 130 miles.  Generally go north or east and always with a coffee stop.  The endurance ride will usually be run once a month and will be advertised through Facebook.


Be prepared with at least a couple of spare inner tubes and always carry lights as they often return as night falls.  The rides often start at 0830, but do check facebook each week to get the confirmed start time. These rides are usually 17-18mph average. They will be announced each week through the winter depending on availability. 

Fast Group - ride leader tbd

Depending on numbers, there can often be a fast non-stopping group on a sunday. This is for riders who want to cover 50-60 miles with average speeds of 20+ mph.

These rides often get decided on the day as depends on who turns up. This ride would leave at 0900 from the HQ also.  

It will also be decided on the day whether the group will wait for punctures or if anyone is dropped, so everyone is aware pre ride start.

Cancelations - will always be done via Facebook and can be done early on the day. This will happen if very icey, snowey or torrential rain. Safety is the most important element.