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Prudential London 100 & Dunwich Dynamo

With the sixth edition of the Prudential Ride London 100 rolling through the roads on Sunday, we wanted to share some stories from Chelmer members who are taking on the challenge for a number of reasons.


Issy Torrie -


Chelmer News: So Issy, when did you join Chelmer Cycling Club?
Issy: I’m going with 2014. That’s when I started cycling.

CN: You’re taking on a huge challenge. We don’t even want to think about what time you’ll have to wake up in the morning! What made you want to take part?
Issy: I wanted to do something to raise money for a mental health charity and riding 100 miles seemed fitting since cycling helps me keep my mind healthy.

CN: There are few who would disagree with that! So where do you think you might need to dig a bit deeper on Sunday?
Issy: The most difficult part will be the last 10 miles. The most I’ve ridden is 95 miles which I did when I was 15 with the Chelmer endurance group!

CN: We’re sure you’ll be fine - we’ve seen your pain face during a time trial! That’s 90 miles of enjoyment then - so which part of the ride will you be looking forward to the most?
Issy: I’m most looking forward to Leith Hill and Box Hill.

CN: Wow, that’s the first time I’ve heard you say you’re looking forward to a hill…
Issy: I know, but I’ve done a lot of hill training recently and I’m hoping it’ll pay off.

CN: We’re sure it will and we’re looking forward to a good finishing photo! Are there any cycling moments that will keep you going?
Issy: A few months after I started cycling, I was on a ride with my brother and my dad and they kept looking back to see if they’d dropped me. I just remember the surprise on their faces each time they saw me still there. I was so pleased to have averaged 18mph and from then on really, I was determined to go faster on every ride.

CN: And what will you be carrying for sustenance?
Issy: Jelly Babies!


Nick Boyle

CN: Nick, you’re a seasoned pro at the 100 mile event. How many times have you completed it?
Nick: I’ve been cycling since 2013 (when I weighed 21.5 stone) and joined Chelmer in 2015. Since then, I’ve taken part in the Prudential Ride London 3 times and this will be my 4th!

CN: Wow - you must really enjoy the course and the challenge?
Nick: I’m looking forward to hopefully finishing with a really fast time and by 10am. My main aim is to beat my time from last time though.

CN: That’s a decent target! What do you think will be the most difficult part of the ride?
Nick: It will be difficult for me to try and hold the wheel of 20 year olds trying to race up Leith Hill. I don’t climb that easily!

CN: Obviously trying to complete the course as quickly as possible means that you need to keep your energy levels topped up. What’s your plan?
Nick: I use mostly SIS (Science in Sport), hydration tabs, gels & BCAA muscle drink. I will be trying the new beta fuel for the first time on Sunday. As its a longer ride I will also have a banana and some granola (tesco own). 

CN: What cycling moments are you most proud of?
Nick: I have three… 1. Winning the club TT league in my first year; 2. Coming 9th in the Dragon Devil Ride in 11 hours 11 mins; and 3. Doing my first Etape in France and climbing 4 mountains.

CN: So let’s talk tactics… what advice would you give to someone doing the ride for the first time?
Nick: Top tips would be:

  • make sure you know where the feed stations are and plan where you’re going to stop.
  • Stay hydrated and feed often.
  • Don’t get carried away in fast groups and climb at your own pace - Leith Hill is hard for most people and is after 65 miles of riding!


Amelia Clapham - 


CN: Amelia, you’re quite new to Chelmer and to cycling! When did you begin?
Amelia: I joined Chelmer in November 2017 but have been riding with the club for a bit longer.

CN: That’s not long at all. What’s been your best cycling memory in that time?
Amelia: My best cycling memory is finishing a 5 day ride across Holland and Belgium raising money for Jessie’s Fund. It was my first experience of proper cycling and I loved every minute of it, feeling quite emotional and proud after completing that ride.

CN: That’s such a huge achievement for the amount of time you’ve been cycling and raising money for amazing causes as well. Is that what is motivating you for the Ride London?
Amelia: I’m taking part in the Ride London to raise vital funds for the hospice where I work - Richard House Children’s Hospice. I am a music therapist and I spend two days a week at Richard House working with children, siblings and their families helping them to express emotions and develop communication through music. The hospice receives only a small amount of funding from the government so they rely heavily on donations.

CN: You’ve been over to the Surrey hills for some practice. What do you think will be the hardest part of the ride?
Amelia: For me it will be going downhill. I struggle with my confidence on steep descents so I think Leith Hill will be challenging. I’ve practiced 2 out of 3 of the big hills so fingers crossed I’ll be ok!

CN: We’ve got everything crossed for you, but we think you’ll be fine! When you get the descents out of the way, what are you most looking forward to?
Amelia: I am most looking forward to the atmosphere, I know the support of the crowds will get me through and it will be great to cycle on closed roads. I’m also looking forward to the finish as I know I will be very proud of myself for completing it as I haven’t trained as much as I would have liked to due to a shoulder injury caused by a car accident in March.

CN: What will you be munching on during the 100 miles?
Amelia: I love jelly babies! They’re a great sugar boost and a break from those cereal bars too.


Also this weekend… The Dunwich Dynamo


The Dunwich Dynamo doesn’t have the same build-up as the Prudential Ride London and offers a different type of challenge for those who know of it. It’s a 120 mile (overnight) point to point ride starting in East London and heading to Dunwich, on the East coast.

Or, for those who dare, you could ride from your home in Essex to the start, complete the ride and the cycle home again! Good luck to everyone taking part in this and remember to share your photos with us!