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Welcome to Deveron Cycling Club

Deveron Cycling club was formed in 2012 and aims to be a friendly, inclusive club to help people enjoy cycling whether they want to race or just get on their bikes to keep active.

We believe in what some wise person once said:

' you can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that's pretty close'

What we get up to and when:

We have a regular Saturday morning cycle of about 50 miles and we set off at different times in varying ability groups but always aiming to end up at the same place for a coffee and a chat. We meet at Banff Harbour car park.

We also have a more leisurely Sunday morning ride leaving from Banff Harbour car park, which caters for those new to cycling, the aim being to introduce them to the sport. The route followed and the distance covered is decided on the day, based on the experience of those participating and over time, the run would extend to 20-30 miles.

On a Tuesday evening, in autumn and winter, we run turbo sessions and in spring and summer, we have an impromptu ride of about 20-30 miles.

If you are still feeling fit,there are also hill reps or the occasional time trial on a Thursday evening.