Join British Cycling

The Edgware Road Club [Edgware R.C.] was formed in about the mid 1940’s and has been a very successful cycling club, mainly as a racing club.
The club has enjoyed great success at local and National level with National Champions and record holders amongst our members. These riders rode in time trials, road races, track racing and also cyclocross many even at International level.
The club was originally based in the Edgware area but now the members that are surviving live all over the U.K. and ride just for pleasure and recreation and number about twenty with an average age of something like sixty, but with some youngsters coming along.
At our recent Annual General Meeting we decided to attempt a revival of the club and to encourage new members to join and hopefully carry on the name of what has been a great club.
Apart from the Edgware R.C. name we can offer new members years of experience at competition level including coaching, we have a number of qualified coaches, we also have a wealth of British Cycling [BC] experience at local and National level with members sitting on the Regional Board of British Cycling to which the club is affiliated.
We can also offer club runs for those who may not want to ride competitively. We travel to the Continent many times throughout the year visiting the “Spring Classics” and the major Tours such as the Tour de France and have a wide knowledge of all these events.
A number of us ride in “Retro” events these are organised events abroad which are based on the old “Classics” such as the Tour of Flanders in Belgium. These are ridden using old original bikes of the pre 1980’s and they are events that are very popular and becoming more so every year.
We have not organised any races for a number of years but do run an annual reliability trial in the Chilterns. We have an annual lunch or dinner around Christmas time and other social gatherings at random intervals.
We do not currently have a club room as our numbers do not warrant it.
So you will see that although small in number we have a wide and varied knowledge of club life and a lot to offer and in doing so we hope to not only pass on our collective experience but also to ensure a future for The Edgware R.C. with new members and fresh ideas.