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Time Table

Track Opens 6:00pm for Warm Up

Race 1 Freewheelers 7pm Race 5 Freewheelers   Race 9 Freewheelers  
Race 2 Youth CDE Fixed   Race 6 Youth CDE Fixed   Race 10 Youth CDE Fixed  
Race 3 Youth AB Fixed   Race 7 Youth AB Fixed   Race 11 Youth AB Fixed  
Race 4 Seniors Fixed   Race 8 Seniors Fixed   Race 12 Seniors Fixed 8:45pm

Entry Fees

Seniors £7.50

Youth ABCDE £3.50


BC Licence Requirements

A valid BC membership is required to race at FTTL, day licences can be purchased on the day.

  • Senior (18+) at least a Silver or Gold membership or day licence
  • U18 at least a Silver or Gold membership or day licence
  • U16 a Bronze, Silver or Gold membership or day licence

Day licence fees are as follows

  Non Member Bronze Silver/Gold
Sen (18+) £10 £5 Nil
U18 £5 £2.50 Nil
A/B/C/D/E £1.50 Nil Nil








Team Sprint

Team Pusuit

Australian Pursuit

Win and Out

Course De Primes

5 / 10 Miler

Welfare League membership requirements and benefits

Accessing the Track outside of FTTL

Members of Forest Town Welfare can book the track for use through the stewards in the the bar, providing no other booked activity is taking place. 

The track can be hired by non members on payment of the appropriate booking fee once booked with the Stewards.