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The first four riders in each race are awarded 5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and 2 points for 4th.

All riders on the night who do not appear in the top 4 placing in any event will be awarded 1 point.

The points for each rider will be totalled for the night and put onto the overall league table.



Acces on and off the track through the designated on/off gates, respect the gate keepers commands.

Fixed wheel riders above the BLUE, Freewheelers below the BLUE.

The track will close to Freewheelers at 6:50 to allow Fixed the full use of the Track.

Please do minimise stopping waiting on the fence during warm up or racing



Fixed wheel : Please make sure it is safe to enter onto the track, holding onto the fence clip both feet in the pedals.

Shoulder check to ensure its safe to move of. If safe good pull on the fence to get you and the gear going.

When coming to a stop, make sure its safe to move upto the fence, shoulder check. Spot youre landing point and come to a gradual stop, hold onto the fence and then unclip and quickly but safely exit the track. Do not unclip until you have come to a stop.

Freewheelers : For the warm-up you will cross the track to the infield, please ensure its is safe to do so first.

Once on the bike shoulder check before you move off. When stopping come to a safe stop on the infield and when safe cross the track to the stands.



Forest Town Track League has a number of bike to loan for the evening, use of these bikes will be on first come first served basis.



The Forest Town Track league is run under British Cycling Rules and regulation and therefore there are gear restrictions for Juniors and all age categories below.

Please make sure you are aware of what these restrictions are


Juniors 7.93 metres

Youth A 6.93 metres

Youth B 6.45 metres

Youth C 6.05 metres

Youth D 5.40 metres

Youth E 5.10 metres


For Youth A, B and C riders who have received dispensation from British Cycling HQ to compete in against riders of an older category, then the rider will be permitted to utilise the gearing applicable to that category.


For dispensation see BC Rule 6.2.7.



In order to get good results on the night and to avoid disappointment please ensure you’re number is positioned correctly on your jersey (insert pic) so it’s clearly visible and readable by the judges..

All numbers must be returned to signing on at the end of the night, do not take you’re number home.



Please be aware of where you are in the race, if you are about to be lapped you will asked to “stay down”.

When you are told to do this move to the inner white line (black), do not swing up. Riders overtaking please ensure you leave enough room for the rider/s you are “lapping”. If you are in a group of riders and are about to be lapped, you will be asked also to “stay down” and you will not change formation.

During a point’s race you can change position on the track but please do it safely.

To allow a slick schedule please ensure you are ready at the gate prior to your event, after your event please ensure you exit the track as quickly as you can but safely.

The slicker we are the more racing we can get in.


Race Finish's

All riders will exit the track by the small middle gate after their race is finished, there will be no additional warm down laps.

If you finish you’re race and are the winner please observe riders in front you that were about to be lapped but didn’t get lapped as they are still racing. Do not overtake them or ride closely to them. Let them finish their race.

Once the winner has crossed the line, all riders thereafter on the same lap will also finish their race. Riders getting lapped will no cover the full distance of the race.