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Road: All the way win for O’Grady in Kent

Giro d’Fowlmead
Location: Fowlmead Country Park, Sholden, Deal, Kent
Event: 4 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports
Photos: Dave Hayward

Attacking from the gun, Ciaran O’Grady (PMR@Toachim House) stayed away for the whole race with lone companion Graham Collins (Ipswich BC) before sprinting to victory in the feature race of his own team’s meeting on the Fowlmead circuit in Kent.

The two opened up a sizeable gap on the first of the 12 laps and were never threatened as Luke Ryan ( was left to lead in the rest.

“I was really pleased with that,” said 21-year-old O’Grady, who finished sixth in last year’s corresponding race and was scoring his first road win since 2010.

“I attacked as soon as the flag dropped, one other guy got on my wheel, and we just went away. We were working well together.

“He gave me a run for my money but I won the sprint. It’s my local circuit, I know it well, and it was windy, but there’s no real hill and I’m more of a climber, so to win in that way quite impressed me!

“I’m concentrating on races in the south east, but I’ll be racing in Ireland for a few weeks over the summer, I’m of Irish nationality, and then I will be with the team up north later in the season. I’ll see what comes.”

Tanya Douglas (Ipswich CC), from Colchester, won the women’s race to spoil an otherwise clean sweep for the promoting club who took the supporting third and fourth category and Go-Race events through, respectively, Jon Parker and Paul Morton.


1 Ciaran O’Grady (PMR@Toachim House)
2 Graham Collins (Ipswich BC)
3 Luke Ryan (
4 Rhys Clegg (PMR@Toachim House)
5 Harry Godding (PMR@Toachim House)
6 Jack Finch (PMR@Toachim House)
7 Jack Edwards (Catford CC)
8 Martin O’Grady (PMR@Toachim House)
9 Paul Butler (In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT)
10 Philip Hetzel (Ipswich BC)

3/4 Cat:
1 Jon Parker (PMR@Toachim House)
2 Sam Bradford (PMR@Toachim House)
3 Marco Coppola (Gemini BC)
4 Mark Foulds (Adalta CC)
5 Chris Hughes (Team GWB-ACTiV)
6 Jason Oram (Thanet RC)
7 Rory Fosher (BC Private Member)
8 Fraser Wildman (PMR@Toachim House)
9 Chris McGovern (Catford CC)
10 Darren Ingram (RAF CC)

1 Tanya Douglas (Ipswich BC)
2 Cassie McGoldrick (PMR@Toachim House)
3 Michelle Forster (London Phoenix CC)
4 Jill Cliff (GS Invicta)
5 Hannah Meads (PMR@Toachim House)
6 Jodie Hope (PMR@Toachim House)

1 Paul Morton (PMR@Toachim House)
2 Colin Robinson (Thanet RC)
3 Rod Archibold
4 Errol Dube (Thanet RC)
5 David Fowler (Deal Tri Ltd)
6 Ben Rothberg (Wigmore CC)
7 Loretta Sollars
8 Christopher Simpson (VC Deal)
9 Scott Winston (Wigmore CC)
10 Andrew Hill

1 George Jary (VC Londres)
2 Hisham Al-Ramah (VC Londres)
3 Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)
4 Harry Paine (Glendene CC)
5 Joshua Outram (Thanet RC)
6 Hugo Cauvas (Prestige VC)
Girl: Amy Smith (VC Jubilee)

1 George Jensen (Lee Valley Youth CC)
2 Louis Rose-Davis (Hillingdon Slipstreamers)
3 Oliver Robinson (Thanet RC)
4 Oliver Dickson (Thanet RC)
5 George Finch (PMR@Toachim House)
6 Rachel Jary (VC Londres)
Girl: Rachel Jary

1 Toby Anderton (Thanet RC)
2 Jon Heasman (VC Deal)
3 Megan Panton (Woolwich CC)
Girl: Megan Panton

1 Alfie Wood (Wigmore CC)
2 Flynn Robinson (Thanet RC)
3 Lance Childs (Thanet RC)
Girl: Hannah Bennett (Thanet RC)

1 Daniel Lloyd (San Fairy Ann CC)
2 Max Robinson (Thanet RC)
3 Carys Lloyd (San Fairy Ann CC)
Girl: Carys Lloyd

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