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Road: Brooks wins once again at Apres Winter League

Apres Hot Recovery Drink Winter League Round 9
Location: Preston Park, Brighton
Event: 25 January 2014

Despite being closely marked throughout, Simon Brooks (VC St Raphael) notched up yet another victory in the ninth round of the Apres Hot Recovery Drink Winter League at Preston Park in Brighton.

Brooks (VC St Raphael) unlocked the door with a late rally with ten minutes to go with Abellio SFA Racing’s Matthew Huli close on his wheels. Turning the screw, they created a gap and then stretched and maintained their lead. Simon attacked again with two laps to go and left a content Huli with second spot. Ryan Visser took the sprint in the following break of five.

The third cat race saw a lesson in timing and testing with an impressive display from Brighton Excelsior’s Steve Kane hanging out in a long solo break which yo-yoed out before the usual arguing and indecisiveness meant the bunch lost their chance to chase.

A good scrap continued though till the end with Dynamo’s Jeremy Brougham taking the sprint from Kingston Wheelers’ Simon Barnes and junior Nile Jones.

In the fourth cat race a couple of sincere digs were reeled back until the inevitable last few were caught, with Brighton Mitre’s Ian Monaghan going for a long one with two to go. A marauding pack caught him 25 metres from the line, clipping him and sending him down (fortunately on his own) with Bristol South CC’s Anthony Clark winning by a couple of lengths. Worth the trip!



1.Simon Brooks VC St Raphael

2.Matthew Huli Abellio - SFA Racing

3.Ryan Visser Redhill CC

4.Jonnie Blackman Beckenham Rugby Cyclists

5.Joe Donohue Fareham Wheelers

6.James Mickelburgh London Dynamo

7.Brian Hennessey Redhill CC

8.Jeremy Broghman London Dynamo

9.Stephen Tribe Velosport RT

10.Nathan Hereward Kingston Wheelers

11.Russ Hallard Hackney

12.Roger Theron Army Cycling Union

13.Scott Bullivant Rock &Road Cycles

14.Ross Gregg Dulwich

15.Sam Evans Dulwich

16.Simon Barnes London Dynamo

17.David Billings VC St Raphael

18.Phil Hoffman Abellio - SFA Racing

19.Liam Walsh Salisbury Road and Mountain CC

20.Mark Emsley Brighton Excelsior CC

21.Shaun Williams Abellio - SFA Racing

22.Huberney Diaz Pretorius Cc

DNF Ross Bryan Team GWB Activ

DNF Steven Cottington Cadence RT

DNF Dan Thut London Dynamo


1.Steve Kane Brighton Excelsior CC

2.Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo

3.Simon Barnes Kingston Wheeler

4.Nile Jones i Team CC

5.Will Adams Velosport

6.Matt Kerr Ipswich BC

7.Dan Thut London Dynamo

8.Matt Hill Vo2 Development Team

9.Owen Elson Velosport RC

10.Sam Evans Dulwich

11.Mark Newnham Worthing Excelsior

12.Dan Bennett unattached

13.John Cordner Eastbourne Rovers

14.Joe Luckett Team GWB Activ

15.Alsn Yule Crawley Wheelers

16.Gregg Moss Dulwich Paragon

17.Ashley Russel London Dynamo

18.Ross Hallard Hackney

19.Phil Hoffman Abellio - SFA Racing

20.Will Drury Glendene CC

21.Laurence Wooley Redhill CC

22.Kieran Barber Redhill CC

23.Chris Herbert Kingston Wheelers

24.Dan Fagg Brighton Mitre

25.Thomas Gibb Kingston Wheelers

26.Viktor Kazinec Dulwich


1.Anthony Clark Bristol South Cc

2.Jason Burkinshaw Blazing Saddles

3.Roman Pawlowicz Ipswich BC

4.Robert Mosley Thames Velo

5.Javier Arias Gonzales Kingston Wheelers

6.Chris Gore Beckenham Rugby Cyclists

7.Chris Chapman Velosport

8.Alex Beyfus Sussex Nomads

9.Andrew Moore Southdowns Bikes

10.Jesse Baines unattached

11.John Bull London Dynamo

12.John Smiles Kingston Wheelers

13.Mark Bennett Kingston Wheelers

14.Simon Dowling Brighton Mitre

15.Grant Fraser Kingston Wheelers

16.Jason Goodright Ipswich BC

17.Ashley Claude London Dynamo

18.Gez Reeves Crawley Wheelers

19. Boo Dendy Ipswich BC

20.Laurence Dodd Brighton Mitre

21.Steve Allen Dulwich Paragon

DNF Phil Barella Kingston Wheelers

DNF Ian Monghan Brighton Mitre


1.Patrick Manning Great Yarmouth CC

2.Isaac Wright PPYCC

3.Chris Jenkinson Wyndymilla

4.Jack Alger PPYCC

5.Gabriel De Gouyeia

6.Callum Clark Southborough District Wheelers

7.Henry Cordner Eastbourne Rovers

8.Stan Abbott - Stacey PPYCC

9.Harvey Alger PPYCC

10.James Yule PPYCC


1.Jack Webb 1st Chard Wheelers

2.Gil Cordner Eastbourne Rovers

3.Zoe Alger PPYCC

4.Ben Flatall Charlotteville Rascals

5.Will Flatall Charlotteville Rascals

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