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Sunday Club Ride Groups

Fast Group

Minimum Average Speed 18 mph | Average mileage 45 miles

A group ride designed for experienced cyclists who are used to riding in a close group at high speed and emulating race conditions on a continual basis for the duration of the ride. This group ride in a peloton style taking turns on the front and using the 'through and off' technique to keep the speed high.

Intermediate Group 

Average Speed 16-18 mph | Average mileage 45 miles

A challenging group ride for the experienced club cyclist covering a wide range of terrains. The group operates as a cohesive unit, taking turns on the front of the peloton to ensure riders share the workload and gain experience of being at the front of the group, whilst under the command of the ride captain. The group enjoys periods of increased pace as part of the ride and this in turn makes an ideal platform for progression to the fast group.

 Steady Group 

 Average Speed 12-14 mph | Average mileage 40 miles

The steady group is a less aggressive ride and aimed to develop the rider’s level of fitness. Ideal for experienced riders that wish to cycle at a reduced pace and for new cyclist’s that have limited or no experience of riding in a group. The steady group is also used for anyone wishing to join the Hythe Cycling Club and would like to take a series of taster sessions before committing to join. 

Hilly Group

Average Speed 16-18 mph | Average mileage 45 miles

A group ride biased towards hilly terrains in varying degrees. An ideal training ride for riders that wish to improve their hill climbing techniques, stamina and fitness levels. Average climbing totals 800m

Single Speed Group

Average Speed 16-18 mph | Average mileage 45 miles

The Single Speed group convenes on the last Sunday of the month. This group is for the single speed enthusiast  and rides a flatter course with manageable hills. The group will usually ride with the intermediate group depending on the route chosen.