Join British Cycling


A few benefits of joining Quick Release Cycling Club


  • Public Liability Insurance of up to £10 Million 

  • Membership Discounts to join British Cycling

  • Enjoy Cycling with Like Minded Individuals

  • Motivation of Group Riding and Banter with other members

  • Gain more Knowledge from others (you can't know everything!)

  • Sense of belonging to something to be proud of

  • Make new friends and meet new people

  • Give something back and pass knowledge on to others

  • The oppurtunity to Time Trial as an affliated club with Cycling Time Trials

  • New Cyclists can learn techniques and understanding quicker

  • Discover new routes!


Now we all know you dont have to pay a membership fee and join a club to be able to enjoy Cycling. Cycling along on your own is an appealing prospect and something which all our members still do. Joing a club can also be a daunting experience at first. This is why we try to be as open, friendly and welcoming as possible so you can come along meet us and ride with us to see if the club fits for you!

Here at QRCC we believe that to really enjoy and get the most out of Cycling, sharing the experience with others will take you to a whole new level of enjoyment and understanding. We never stop learning and everybody will have something of benefit to bring to the table whether it be to do with training, nutrition, racing, time trialing, group riding... you name it we can all benefit from other peoples experiences.


As a club we will take part in Sportives, Tours and Training Days where will all experience new things as a group!

We musn't forget why we are here reading this in the first place and why we first decided to Cycle?

  • Health

  • Fresh Air

  • Love of Cycling

  • Fitness

  • The ability to relax and unwind

Whatever your reason for riding a bike. The more we ride together and share that enjoyment and passion the stronger it becomes to allow us to enjoy more and also inspire others!


How To Join?

If you would like to join Quick Release Cycling Club please follow these steps;

    1. Read and Acknowledge the Club Consitution and Club Rules in the PDF's below

    2. Print off the Membership Form Below and Fill in and Sign it (Send to Club Secretary or Membership Secretary Please email for address)

    3. Pay the Annual Club Membership Fee via the methods below

    4. Once the Membership Form and payment have been received you will receive confirmation of your enrolment as a member of the Cycling Club



Club Rules PDF Club Constitution PDF

How to Pay Membership Fee

Please visit to pay Club Subscription via Credit/Debit Card

Or Alternatively Please email our Treasurer Dave at to obtain details of for Bank account transfer

Please also email to obtain address to send membership form