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Prudential Ride London - Surrey 100

Ride London Finish


Quick Release Cycling Club took part in the inaugural Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 event on Sunday 4th August.

In total 11 of our members represented QRCC in the mass particpation ride.

QRCC had two teams for the Club Challenge represented by Jake Strevens, Jeremy Hodges, Gary Cheetham, Luke Coleman, Dave Coleman, Paul Rook,Jeff Fox and Rhys Rolfe. 

Daniel Wales, Robert Gawley and Stephen Butt also rode solo setting off at an earlier time.

The group of 8 worked fantastically well together in pair formation taking turns on the front, this allowed those on the back of the bunch adequate recovery time from the wind before taking there own turn at the front. 100 miles in an excellent working group was a pleasure, coupled with the crowds and the amount of cyclists its something i dont think any of us will ever forget. We are looking forward to more of us representing QRCC in 2014!

Reculver Club Ride

Reculver 1 9th June 2013

On Sunday 9th June. Quick Release CC were proud to welcome 11 cyclists to ride from Sittingbourne to Reculver and back. The route which was some 60 miles and fairly flat, was only lacking an appearance from the sun!An outbound headwind gave us a welcome tailwind home, which coupled with some great teamwork as a group, allowed us all to have a fantastic day in the saddle. Special mention to Michelle who battled home with a sore knee, true QRCC spirit! Looking forward to the next one.

Box Hill Club Trip 

Quick Release Cycling Club swapped local scenery for the beautiful Box Hill on Bank Holiday Monday. 6 members travelled down to Dorking in Surrey to ride the climb used in Olympic Road Race at London 2012.

The professional peloton completed 10 mile loops which included the climb of Box Hill a total of 9 times, we completed two loops and in total climbed the hill 4 times. For Robert Gawley and Jeremy Hodges it was there first time at Box Hill and they thoroughly enjoyed the day as did Box Hill
 veterans Dave Coleman, Gary Cheetham, Jake Strevens and Luke Coleman.

It was a great day with the Sun shining and lots of other cyclists
about. Box Hill and Dorking is simply a great place to ride a bike, we
hope more Quick Release CC members can join us next time!



Sittingbourne to Paris Ride

Luke and Gary will be taking part in a Sittingbourne to Paris Bike Ride raising money for Demelza House in 2014. The ride is 270 miles over 4 days and will be one of our biggest challenges yet! We will of course be representing Quick Release CC, and if any of you would be kind enough to donate to our charity Demelza House please use the link below, any
amount will be greatly appreciated.

First Club Century Ride

Quick Release Cycling Club 1st 100

On Sunday 19th May. QRCC Members Luke Coleman, Jake Strevens, Jeremy Hodges and Jeff Fox took part in the clubs first 100 Mile ride. Completed in little over 6hrs and 15 mins of ride time at an average of 16mph which was helped by a fair few others on the course! Dave Coleman, Michelle Kilner, Rhys Rolfe, Jeremy Duck, Matt Waters, and Tony Hayre all came along for part of the ride in the sunshine.

Big well done to Jake, Jeremy and Jeff as its the first ever century they have completed! Looking forward to the next one already 

Heart Of Kent Hospice Charity Cyclo Sportive


The first local sportive for our club and what a sportive it was! The sportive was organised extremely well and the registration was quick and simple. The best thing was, there was hardly any wind and the sun was shining all day. 


We started off by leaving the Research Centre in our starting group of 20 riders or so and slowly drifted into groups at our own pace. We then hit our first problem by missing a turning and going up a slight hill, luckily one of the support motor bikes spotted this and redirected us, which was very helpful. As soon as we were back on course we made our way around the course working as a little group of three. 


Its wasn't until about 15 miles we found a group riding a similar pace to us and we sat with them for 10 miles or so. But I couldn't help myself, I had to help out on the front for a while, just to do my bit, so there goes my nice easy ride!


We went on for a few more miles before we found another group and sat in with them until we missed yet another turning by 15ft or so. Just behind there was a huge peloton about to swallow us up who didn't miss the turning. So that was it the chase was on. Gary and Jeff somehow managed to get 5 seconds or so in front of me. 5 seconds doesn't sound a lot but at 25mph it felt like it was about a 5 minute gap. When I finally caught Gary and Jeff up they had hit a crossroad where the peloton got held up and that was our saviour. It wasn't until I decided to sprint to the front of the peloton and then tried to eat an energy bar whilst my heart rate was 170bpm+, and that was it, I dropped out of the pack as quick as I’d got to the front. 


A few lonely miles later, there were my fellow club mates waiting for me to catch up at a feed station. After a quick stop, we were off again riding in a group of three once more switching and changing on the front and helping each other along. We also picked up a fellow cyclist who joined in helping us along. We stayed as a strong unit until the only hill of the day and did it catch me by surprise!? 


After revising the route and elevation charts the days, nights and weeks before the ride, it caught us out a little bit. Gary pushed into the hill, you could see the relief as he punched the air when he reached the top. I on the other hand, took it slow into the bottom sitting in front of Jeff. We were both taking in the climb at a steady pace then I pushed a little harder before a left hand bend. Little did I know though  after the left hand bend the road kicked up in steepness and on this same bend moments later Jeff's chain link snapped. Lucky for him, he had the tools and equipment to repair it. That was it I could see Gary and I was slowly catching him. But it was too little too late and I couldn't catch him before the top. Then on the descent we were flying. By the time I had caught Gary, I had looked at my Garmin and I was 15 minutes off what was the ‘Gold’ time and was 6.5 miles off the finish. The race was on, I told Gary what I was going for it, we stayed close and worked together to speed up the pace. 


There was one problem in the way though. The East Malling High-Street had a market on. Gary and I tried to go through a car park hoping there were two exits. But sadly the only exit was the one we rode in. So with this being the case we decided to ride through the market and continue to the finish. As Gary and I crossed the line we started to wonder where our club mate had got to. We weren’t sure where he was. So we waited at the finish line and spoke on the phone to Luke, (Club Secretary) and it was only when we got off the phone we had realised Jeff had been trying to calling us. He had gone passed us whilst we were lost again in the car park, by using the traffic diversion that we had missed. 


So we had finished the first Heart Of Kent Cyclo Sportive! It was a great day out that could only have got better if there was more of our club members and if the temperature was a little warmer. As most of the problems were due to wrong turns, it suggests that the signs for the course signage was small and not very bright. You had to really look for some turns and some turns you had to do by instinct which I’m amazed we took the right turns at all.


All said and done it was a great day out and highly recommend riding this next year. Hopefully they will make the signs a bit clearer.


I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored me for the sportive, I raised just over £315.00. 


Hopefully we will see more of us next year!


By Jake Strevens


Q10/26 Time Trials

Wednesday 17th April marked the start of Cycle Club Bexley's Time Trials for 2013 and also the first for Quick Release Cycling Club. Representing QRCC was Jake Strevens and Luke Coleman.

Arriving at 6pm ready for a 6.45pm start, we signed on and landed numbers 9 (Jake) and 10 (Luke). Riders set off at 1 minute intervals on the course which is a straight drag on a undulating road to the Wrotham Roundabout and then back in the same direction finishing with a left turn a bit later down.

Intial expectations were that we would be pleased with anything sub 30 minutes in our first taste at pacing for a time trial.

We were presented with a fierce headwind on the first leg of the course but a tailwind on the way back. Upon reaching the finishing line empty we were pleased to see that we had smashed our expectations.


Luke Coleman - 28mins 04seconds

Jake Strevens - 28min 51seconds

Something to beat at the next one which we schedule for Wednesday 1st May hope to see a few more QRCC riders representing.

Hot Chillee Sportive


On Saturday 6th April Quick Release Cycling Club took part in the Hot Chillee Sportive. The event started in Molesley in Surrey and headed towards Dorking taking in notable climbs Leith Hill and White Down. We debuted the Quick Release Kit for the first time due to the slightly warmer temperatures. It was also the first time that Jeff Fox had represented the club in a Sportive, unfortunatley his club kit hadnt arrived but we look forward to seeing him wearing it in the future! Usual Suspects Luke, Gary and Jake were representing and along with Jeff enjoyed a good day working together as a group and finishing with a respectable average speed and ride time. 

Please visit the Gallery to view more pictures from the event. 


Sunday 10th March represented the second sportive in the history or Quick Release Cycling Club. QRCC were represented by Luke Coleman, Gary Cheetham and debutant Jake Strevens.

Cold but dry conditions greeted us as we rode out of Ditchling Sports Ground HQ. 

The route was full of small sharp climbs, draggy uphills and lovely long descents, the sting in the tail was the summit finish at the top of Ditchling Beacon one of the most notorious climbs in the South East! After 65 Miles it wasnt easy but we all made it to the top!

Was a great day out with some great teamwork between all three of us, cant wait for next year, hope to see a few more QRCC riders!

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Kentish Killer

The 2013 Kentish Killer would represent Quick Release Cycling Club's debut sportive.

Representing QRCC were Luke Coleman and Gary Cheetham.

On what started out as a very cold morning, the riders took to the start from Brands Hatch at 8.36AM. Setting out on the smaller of the two courses the 40 mile route with just the 8 Hills!! The Hills include Ide Hill, Star Hill the penultimate grind Row Dow which was a tough slog. If you wish to view the route which the riders tackled please view here -

An enjoyable day was had by all especially when the mornings initial coldness turned into a beautiful sunny winters day! Both riders achieved a great time beating there personal time targets on the day and upon crossing the finishing line, a well deserved Soup and a Roll were provided to replenish those energy stores.

We hope to see a few more QRCCers tackling the very Kentish Killer in 2014!

Attention now turns to the Puncheur Sportive on 10th March with a Summit Finish on the famous Ditchling Beacon

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Quick Release Cycling Club Launched!


After much deliberation and careful planning Quick Release Cycling Club has been born.

We have spent time, writing the constituiton, creating the rules, designing the club clothing and making this very website! 

Now what we all wish to do is enjoy and expand the club in the coming weeks and months and all enjoy our Cycling!

Our first ride as Quick Release Cycling Club will be Sunday 24th February a 40 Mile Run which incorporates a stop at Tankerton Cafe! We welcome anyone with an interest in Cycling and/or joining the club. Please come and see what we have to offer!