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Report: Poole v Swindon

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South West League

Sunday 11 October 2009
Images & Report: Graham Sutton

Swindon were boosted by the inclusion of Shaun Rudman who has ridden only a handfull of matches this season due to a serious leg injury. He recorded three race wins and together with Rob Hunt formed a powerful twin spearhead for the Wiltshire side who put up a spirited performance against a youthful Poole line-up.

Sam Hearn stepped up to the mark as captain and was unbeaten from four starts while Ben Donohue and Jake Williams also excelled. Surpise packet Matt Elston recorded his best score in first team racing with 14 from four races including two wins. Gilt edged prospect Arron Morgan - just 13 years old - also recorded two wins including the scalp of Premier League star Rob Hunt in heat 7.

Special word of praise for referee Robin Spicer who handled this lively match very well and handed three exclusions to Danny Harper for progressively more serious infringements and was totally unfazed by the inevitable diatribe he received in return!

Poole v Swindon (SW league)

Poole 94: Sam Hearn 17, Ben Donohue 16, Jake Williams 15, Matt Elston 14, Arron Morgan 12, Leyton Glover 8, Luke Armes 6, Chris Shylock 6

Swindon 78: Rob Hunt 20, Shaun Rudman 18, Mark Janes 11, James Bailey 9, Danny Harper 8, Martin Glover 6, Paul Matthews 3, Franek Joachin 3

Referee - Robin Spicer.

Poole Junior Club Championship

Under 12's
1st Alex Lane
2nd Sam Widdicombe
3rd Harry Ryan
4th Holly Morgan

Under 10's
1st Alex Strutt
2nd Josh Alden
3rd Harry Hiscocks
4th Rhys Powell

Under 8's
1st Kieran Hoare
2nd Haydn Rowles
3rd Frazer Garnett
4th Ryan Storey

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