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Report: South and South Wales Open Championship

S/SW Regional Individuals
Event: 5 October 2013
Location: Exeter Cycle Speedway Club, Exeter, Devon

Saturday 5 October saw the South and South Wales Open Individual Championships held at Exeter Cycle Speedway Club with Aaron Herbert of Exeter and Jacob Soper of Newport taking the senior and under 16 titles respectively.

Above: The senior podium.

In the senior event there was never any doubt that the victory would go to Herbert, who rode to a full 20 point maximum over second place Neil Hollebon (Hellingly) 19 points and Jacob Soper (Newport) 18 points.

Above: Champion Soper with the rest of the under 16 competitors.

As well as placing an excellent third in the senior event, Soper claimed the under 16 title, following an unfortunate fall for Jesse Moore (Hellingly) which helped the Newport rider to the title. There was a run off for second to fourth between Jesse Moore, Will Tidball (Exeter) and Callum Albin (Poole).



Aaron Herbert (Exeter) 20 points
Neil Hollebon (Hellingly) 19 points
Jacob Soper (Newport) 18 points
Craig Nethercott (Exeter) 17 points
Jesse Moore (Hellingly) 16 points
Andrew Yard (Exeter) 14 points
Martin Hollebon (Hellingly) 14 points
Callum Albin (Poole) 14 points
Jack Herbert (Exeter) 11 points
Jay Briggs (Poole) 11 points
Chris Blundell (Poole) 11 points

Under 16

Jacob Soper (Newport) 19 points
Jesse Moore (Hellingly) 18 points
Will Tidball (Exeter) 18 points
Callum Albin (Poole) 18 points
Lauren Hookway (Exeter) 16 points
Jack Herbert (Exeter) 14 points
Rob Croal (Exeter) 13 points
Jay Briggs (Poole) 13 points
Connor Tucker (Exeter) 12 points
Emile Patel (Hellingly) 12 points
Owen Tidball (Exeter) 10 points
Jordan Bradford (Poole) 9 points