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Welcome to Underwood flyers cycle speedway club

The season is now well underway and it's us who host the next round of the 2015 youth & junior event.

May 16th is the date for your diary, where the region decends on Underwood for the day, The weather has been booked and we are ready to share our new track, something we have put endless hours into and are very proud of.

With summer around the corner, the clocks have sprung forward, which has enabled us to put back training to the usual time of  6 pm - 8pm.

An exciting season ahead in the Cycle Speedway calendar, with the World Championships just around the corner, The S&SW region will be host's of the qualifiers for the summer event.

The Championship kicks off late July as Poole CSC start off with the world championship team cup qualifiers, followed by the junior individual qualifiers.

British Youth & Junior League 2015


Regional   rd 1 - Newport CSC                           11 April 2015

                rd 2 - Southampton CSC                   25 April 2015

                rd 3 - UNDERWOOD FLYERS           16 May 2015

                rd 4 - Poole CSC                                6 June 2015

                rd 5 - Swindon CSC                          18 July 2015

                rd 6 - Horspath CSC                          5 Sept 2015               

                    Final - Exeter Aces CSC             3 October 2015