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The bikes

The bikes have changed over the years, with many riders now opting for a light weight alluminium frame.

However the set up is still the same.

No Brakes           No Gears  (well maybe 1 )

Yes thats right, no brakes allowed and just the one gear, a freewheel on the rear normally 18t, matched with a 33t front chainring gives most the ability to an explosive start and the power to get away from the rest of the pack.

In the early years it was the norm to use cowhorn style bars, but more recently these have become alot narrower.

Over the years the favourite wheels are 26" on an adult bike and 24" on a junior bike, and the speedway pro 26x1.3/8 tyres. More recently riders have opted for the wider maxxis larsen tt tyres, 26x1.75 or 26x1.95.

An original from way back in the day

More recently