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What is cycle speedway ?

Cycle speedway is a competetive bike race around a 4 lane oval shaped track using specially adapted bikes, The bikes are single speed , have curved handlebars and are not fitted with brakes. The frame could be anything from an old mountain bike or a top of the range alluminium lightweight frame from specialist suppliers.


Races comprise of 4 riders completing 4 laps around the track, although the junior rounds can be 3 laps. The winner is the first to cross the finish line. In cycle speedway  contact is permited (within reason) and is used to gain an advantage over a challenging rider.

The points awarded for 1st place is 4pts

                                              2nd  -   3pts

                                              3rd   -   2pts

                                               4th   -   1pt

Non finishers or any rider excluded will be awarded 0 pts.

The race is closely monitered by a referee who will start the race with a whistle,  any rider that fails to stay within the rules and regulations set out by the british cycle speedway commission, can and will be excluded from the race.

The referee's decision is final.


All riders must wear a helmet, full finger gloves for protection,  a team kit including black trousers (normally padded) , suitable black footwear and a matching team shirt.


Cycle speedway is popular in many countries with britain being no exception. Race events take place up and down the country at all levels, several leagues and championship rounds are extremely popular at club level.

All four home nations compete at international level and they participate in many events including   The world championship

                                                               European championship

                                                               The celtic cup