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Our weekly Club Ride takes place every Sunday morning.  We meet at 08:30 for our pre-ride coffee in the  Colets Health & Fitness, cafe before heading out at 09:00 for a 3 - 4 hour ride, usually into the Surrey Hills  
We aim to be back for around 12:30, but on occasion some groups might be 30 minutes either side of that. 
Through December - February  we meet at 09:00 for a 09:30 roll out.


From time to time it may be deemed necessary to cancel a ride due to poor or unsafe conditions. 
The LATEST RIDE NEWS on our home page will be updated by 8pm on Saturday night to inform of this.


Before the ride


Depending on turnout we generally have two to three groups each week, so in fairness to everyone please select the appropriate group based on your current level of fitness AND experience of cycling in a group (The faster group(s) do tend to ride in a much tighter pack).


If you do choose to join a faster group (and by all means please do ‘have a go’ now and again) when there are other options available, you must make sure that you know the route and are self sufficient in case you get dropped. The steady group will always wait for people.
If you opt for a slower group please don’t try to ramp the pace up if  you find it’s too slow for you. If there’s not enough of us for two groups, then the steady group protocol will apply.


Please familiarise yourself with the hand signals and group riding skills by visiting our Group Riding Skills page.  When riding in a group you do have a responsibility to the person behind you.


Remember to carry the following:-  inner tube (ideally two), tyre levers, pump, some cash and a mobile phone. We also recommend that you have a full water bottle and carry some food as well (e.g. a banana or an energy bar/gels).

In the event of someone experiencing a mechanical issue then the whole group should stop and wait. The  ride captain will decide what action needs to be taken from there onwards.


If your bike is fitted with tri-bars / aero bars / TT bars, please remove these for club rides. Most cycling clubs ban these for group riding and a quick trawl of the internet will illustrate why this is.

In winter time it is advisable to fit lights.  Please set the rear light to the dimmest setting and non-flashing (if possible) when on the club ride.  If you are able to fit a full/long mudguard to your rear wheel for winter rides, then it will be greatly appreciated!



When on the ride 


Please remember that the Sunday Club Ride is not a training ride, a race or a test; we roll together as a group.


We ride in pairs as our 'default setting', but be prepared to move into single file when necessary.


Anybody accelerating ahead of the group will be assumed to be on another ride and will not be called or chased after if they take a wrong turn.


Take care not to ‘half-wheel’ the rider next to you in order to try and push the pace up, always keep your handlebars level with theirs. 

For your own safety and for those behind you, you must avoid overlapping your front wheel with the rear wheel of the rider in front.

Remember to both use and to pass on signals, as those at either end of the group may not be able to see or hear it.  Hand signals are preferable to shouts.

Please do not ride out of line to see road ahead, as this creates the illusion that we are MORE than two abreast.


For your safety and of those behind, please spread out on fast descents as the person in front may not always be able to point out any hazards.


Do not jump red lights on club rides, or when wearing our club kit on any other ride.


At junctions stop in your group formation, do not push in front of others within our group and do not swarm around other road users, including other cycling groups.


If & when you stop to regroup please move as tight to the kerbside as possible in order to keep the road & junctions as clear as we can. 


When setting off from any stops please set off gently and gradually increase the speed, so as to allow those behind time to clip in and close up, before resuming the ride pace.

Finally….. at the end of the ride all groups tend to reconvene back at Colets for post ride refreshments and chat; please try to allow time for this important aspect too!


Participation in our club rides is entirely at your own risk and you are responsible for your own welfare and safety.

We also strongly recommend that you take out membership of one of a cycling body, such as British Cycling or  Cycling UK to benefit from their insurance cover.


Group Riding Skills

In addition to familiarising yourself with our Club Ride Guide we do suggest that you do likewise with the following short videos covering group riding skills, etiquette and hand signals.

Please click the image below to open up the page.