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Castle Combe Summer Series #6

Castle Combe Summer Series Week 6

Source: Andy Cook, Castle Combe Summer Series 11/06/09 – Week 6

Another bright evening and record numbers of youngsters riding, first in the Go Ride activity where the coaches are being kept on their toes by three distinct groups undertaking a number of skills and drills including for the first time during this series, the famous “see-saw”. Many of the youth category riders who complete Go-Ride activities then join in with the Youth races.

This week we had 61 Youth riders across all age groups. With a very limited window of time we may have become a victim of our own success! The Under 8’s start first and race over 4 laps of the pit lane. Lance Hutchison continues to impress but has a new challenger in the shape of Chippenham’s David Barber. Lauren Booth also Chippenham, again took 1st girl and 3rd in the event.

With 14 riders in the Under 12 and also 14 riders in the Under 10 category we could really do with the time to run two separate events. As last week, the Under 12’s caught the Under 10’s on the line causing mild confusion for the judges not helped by parents offering friendly advice! Because of smaller numbers in the past, it has been customary to finish everyone on the same lap and accurately “count back”.

Last week, as the races in each category were so keenly fought for, we made the Under 10’s continue round to complete the distance but one or two had already sprinted and asked for a policy decision to be made and communicated for this week and the future should the same situation arise. Guess what? It did! Luckily we made it clear that we would revert to past practice and that the combined race would finish on the same lap. You guessed it, some of the youngsters assumed that what happened last week was happening again this week and so continued racing! Oh the life of a volunteer organiser! For me the important thing is that the children enjoy their racing first and foremost.

However, I hope we have a correct result. I am confident that those scoring points are correct in each age category and gender if some of the lower placings maybe a little confused? Suffice to say the Welsh invasion continues and Newport Velo or Abergavenny riders seem to bag the top places apart from a determined Ash Hutchison and Ettienne Georgi in the U12’s and his sister Pfeiffer in the U10 category.

Again, because of increased numbers, we started the Under 16 & Under 14 separately on the big circuit and the U14’s having started a minute behind, closed the gap on the Under 16’s and even managed to gain 2nd and 3rd in the final sprint with Robbie Westwood winning from Jack Reed. In the U16’s Joe Paige managed to get the better of Sean Wheddon in the sprint with Sam Anstice making it into 3rd place. Many of these talented Cat A Youths are using the Youth race as a warm up for the Senior Handicap that immediately follows and that probably explains why the Cat B Youths caught them. They might need to start making a race of it or face not being allowed to ride the senior event according to one or two commisaires!

A clash with Ilton reduced the Senior numbers slightly but the racing was no less fast. The twenty E/1/2 riders got stuck into the 6 minute handicap and caught everyone in front within ten laps. The 4th cat group with a strong mix of triathletes was doing it’s best to stay clear of the field but the experience of the E/1/2 showed through. A sprinkling of 4th cats did manage to break into the top 20 and also a number of 3rd cats. The event was won by Jon Paine who quite easily took the sprint from Ben Stockdale and Lee Davis. A small group of six had powered away from the bunch by around fifty yards on the last lap and held it to the line with Grant Bayton taking a flier from the bunch for 7th.


1st  Lance Hutchison Cheltenham & Cty CC 1st Boy 
2nd  David Barber  Chippenham & Dist  2nd Boy  D/L
3rd  Lauren Booth  Chippenham & Dist  1st Girl  
4th  Marco Matano  Chippenham & Dist  3rd Boy 
5th  Harry Fleet  Royal Dean Forest CC 4th Boy 
6th  Tom Price  Go Ride   5th Boy  D/L
7th  Scott Curtis  Unattached   6th Boy  D/L
8th  Talan Snowden Chippenham & Dist  7th Boy  D/L
9th  Elena Pearce  Royal Dean Forest CC 2nd Girl 
10th  Sean Cole  Go Ride   8th Boy  D/L
11th  Toby Goodhand Chippenham & Dist  9th Boy D/L
12th  Nicola Dove  Go Ride   3rd Girl  D/L
13th  Alex Foxhall-Guiss Go Ride   4th Girl  D/L

1st  Joe Beckingsale Abergavenny RC  1st Boy 
2nd  Megan James  Abergavenny RC  1st Girl 
3rd  Pfeiffer Georgi Mid Devon RC  2nd Girl 
4th  Samuel Tillett  Newport Velo   2nd Boy 
5th  James Tillett  Newport Velo   3rd Boy 
6th  Daniel Pearce  Royal Dean Forest CC 4th Boy 
7th  William Jennings Newport Velo   5th Boy  D/L
8th  Jack Pearce  Royal Dean Forest CC 6th Boy 
9th  Jamie Hine  Newport Velo   7th Boy 
10th  Emily Tillett  Newport Velo   3rd Girl  
11th  Toby Berryman Chippenham & Dist  8th Boy 
12th  Liam Sewell  Swindon RC   9th Boy 
13th  Joshua Price  Go Ride   10th Boy   D/L
14th  Ed Collyer  Chippenham & Dist  11th Boy 

1st  Dylan Cordukes Newport Velo   1st Boy 
2nd  Ashley Hutchison Cheltenham & Cty  2nd Boy 
3rd  Emily Haycox  Maindy Flyers   1st Girl 
4th  Ffion James  Abergavenny RC  2nd Girl 
5th  Etienne Georgi Mid Devon RC  3rd Boy
6th  Ben Beckingsale Abergavenny RC  4th Boy 
7th  Peter Kibble  Chippenham & Dist  5th Boy 
8th  Tom Sewell  Swindon RC   6th Boy 456518
9th  Thomas Burgess Newport Velo   7th Boy 
10th  Max Berryman Chippenham & Dist  8th Boy 
11th  Lewis Revill  Chippenham & Dist  9th Boy 
12th  Thomas Finn  Newport Velo   10th Boy 
13th  Ryan Hine  Newport Velo   11th Boy 
14th  Nicole Pollock  Newport Velo   3rd Girl 

1st  Rob Westwood Cwmcarn Paragon  1st Boy 
2nd  Jack Reed  Royal Dean Forest CC 2nd Boy
3rd  Sam Roberts  NSCDS   3rd Boy 
4th  Luke Davies  Chippenham & Dist  4th Boy
5th  Adele Martin  Chippenham & Dist  1st Girl 
6th  Cameron Falconer Cunningham Chip & Dist  5th Boy 
7th  Ben Phillips  Chippenham & Dist  6th Boy 
8th  Tristan Robbins Newport Velo   7th Boy 

1st  Joe Paige  Team Echelon Spiuk  1st Boy 
2nd  Sean Wheddon BCDS    2nd Boy 
3rd  Sam Anstice  Newport Velo   3rd Boy 
4th  Raj Soni  BCDS    4th Boy 
5th  Joe Anstice  Newport Velo   5th Boy 
6th  Dan Marshall  BCDS    6th Boy
7th  Dan McKimm  BCDS    7th Boy 
8th  Freddie Lewton Newport Velo   8th Boy 
9th  Luke Cowley  Swindon RC   9th Boy 
10th  Ashley Martin  Chippenham & Dist  10th Boy 
11th  Steph Higgs  Chippenham & Dist  1st Girl  
12th  Alex Collyer  Chippenham & Dist  11th Boy
1st  Jon Pain  VC Montpelier  
2nd  Ben Stockdale  Qoroz Novatec  
3rd  Lee Davis  Pinarello RT/Canditv/Marshal Pasta
4th  Wayne Coombs VC Montpelier  
5th  Richard Cartland Corley Cycles   
6th  Ben Anstie  Chippenham & Dist  
7th  Grant Bayton  Sports Beans Wilier  
8th   Chris Snook  Banjo Cycles   
9th  Glyndwr Griffiths Bristol South CC  
10th  Mark Hughes  VC Bristol