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Cross: Paton bags victory in London League

London League Round 12
Location: Footscray, Sidcup
Event: 29 December 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports
Photo: John Mullineaux

Alex Paton (Team GWB-Activ) raced to victory in the 12th round of the London League staged at Fiitscray, near Sidcup, on Sunday.

The 23-year-old from Dover won the Gemini BC event ahead of team-mate Michael Butler, a win which is his second in the league following victory in round six back in October.

Vicious Velo rider Paul Schiers completed the podium in third spot, while in other categories Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers) was top veteran ahead of Kevin Knox (Vicious Velo) and Jon Lyons (GS Invicta) in third.

Alice Miller (Look Mum No Hands) was the top woman, beating Sol Tindley (Twickenham CC) into second spot, while Louis Suggett (Prestige VC) was best junior and the youth race was won once again by Dan Tulett (Hargroves Cycles.


1 Alex Paton Team GWB Activ
2 Michael Butler Team GWB Activ
3 Paul Schiers Vicious Velo
4 Jack Finch PM Racing
5 Andy Taylor Jedi Cycles
6 Phil Hershey Eagle RC
7 Scott Bugden Corridori
8 Andy Waterman Vicous Velo
9 Rob Purcell Neon Velo
10 Alex Pettet PM
11 Jonathan Dennis Controc CC
12 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers

1 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers
2 Kevin Knox Vicious Velo
3 Jon Lyons GS Invicta
4 Stuart Nesbitt Crawley Wheelers
5 George Higgs Crawley Wheelers

1 Alice Miller Look Mum No Hands
2 Sol Tindley Twickenham CC

1 Louis Suggett Prestige VC
2 James Flury Vicious Velo

1 Dan Tulett Hargroves Cycles
2 Tom Easley Crawley Wheelers
3 Anthony Anderson Sigma RT
4 George Finch PM Racing

Youth Girls
1 Emily Ashwood Sutton CC De Ver
2 Rachel Jary VC Londres

Under 14 Boys
1 Luke Mitchie Team Darenth
2 Max Cheatle VC Londres

Under 12
1 Joe Blackmore Herne Hill Youth CC
2 Sion Margrave Team Darenth
3 Elliott Phillips VC Jubilee

Under 12 Girls
1 Charlotte McGreary Team Darenth
2 Megan Megan McMohan Team Darenth

Under 10
1 Cameron Steel Sutton CC De Ver
2 Alex Harvey VC Jubilee
3 Jude Wilson Sutton CC De Ver

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