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British Cycling Membership/Insurance Q’s

In terms of insurance cover during club rides, only riders that are ‘guests’ i.e. non-members trying the rides prior to joining the club are covered, provided were told in advance.Drop us an email, phone call or text message.

We as a club, Walton Velo, strongly advise members to arrange insurance cover for themselves. There are a number of organisations that offer various levels of personal and bike insurance. 

All club members are encouraged to join British Cycling but are not required to do so. There are different levels of membership and benefits available dependent on what type of membership is taken out.

If you are club member and are considering joining British Cycling for the first time then you can get a considerable discount by following the link here and adding the discount code on checkout.

Please Take Note: All British Cycling Membership cards/racing licenses are sent to the Walton Velo club Secretary who will confirm membership with the club before distributing them to the relevant members.