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- WCC Time Trial Series -


Below are the current Time Trial times for all Wigmore riders that have taken part so far this seasion.
* denotes seasons best on Iwade course.  ^ denotes seasons best on Harrietsham course. ~ denotes Interclub first team member

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Weekly Reports


12th August 2015 HARRIETSHAM - 10mile

In the penultimate evening event of the season, riders faced  tough conditions with a very strong side wind making it difficult to control their bike’s and  ride in a straight line.
Never the less a great battle between the top four riders took place with only 35s separating them.
Top place went to Dan Fricker with a very good time of 22m 30s, just 8s faster than Rodney Smith’s 22m 38s. Keith Walker was 3rd with 22m 47s, whilst Antony Bee just failed to record a 22m ride finishing in 23m 05s. All four times were excellent in the hard conditions.
FINAL result.

  1. Dan Fricker                         22m 30s
  2. Rodney Smith                    22m 38s 1st Vet +4m 16s
  3. Keith Walker                      22m 47s 2nd Vet + 3m 54s, 3rd Hcp
  4. Antony Bee                        23m 05s 3rd Vet +3m 40s
  5. Dave Bishop                       24m 58s 1st Hcp
  6. Robert Philbrook              26m 35s 2nd Hcp
  7. Steve Bishop                      27m 33s
  8. Gerald Farrow                   39m 03s

Next Wednesday (19th August) we are at Iwade with a start time of 6-45pm.
This is the final evening event of the season and your last chance to help in an event. If there is a full field of 30 riders we will need 7 helpers. I need someone to take me and the signs to Iwade.
Richard Masters isn’t certain he can take me. Doing this will count as helping. Juniors are exempt marshalling duties. Dave Bishop has volunteered to marshal. Hope to see you all on Wednesday.-Clin



5th August 2015 IWADE - 10mile

Only four members signed on for last Wednesday evening 10, (5-8-15). Were you all on holiday or had you forgotten after all the recent cancellations there was an event on.
It was a warm and calm evening at Iwade but only 13 year old Leighton Dalley managed a P.B. and therefore gained 10 points for 1st handicap.

  1. Antony Bee                  23m 45s 1st Vet + 3m 00s
  2. Richard Masters         25m 32s + 1m 04s2nd Vet, 3rd Hcp
  3. Steve Bishop                27m 12s 2nd Hcp, 3rd Vet _ 0m 40s
  4. Leighton Dalley           31m 46s P.B. 1st Hcp
  5. Ian Stephens                24m 23s          M.V.C.

Many thanks to all the helpers, they were as Follows.
John Fitzpatrick, Geoff Martin, Clin Maisey, Brian Sturgess and Richard Masters for taking me and the signs to Iwade.
This week (12th August) we are at Harrietsham. There is a limit of 30 riders and we have been allocated 10 places provided you sign on by 6-30 pm. If anyone is able to give me a lift please let me know.
If operation stack is on then we will be at Iwade with the M.V.C.` -Clin



22th July 2015 IWADE - 10mile

After two weeks cancelations due to operation stack, wigmore C.C. latest event was on the  Iwade circuit this week. With  the M20 was still closed it did affect the Iwade course with many motorist trying to avoid the slow moving traffic on the M2 by using the lanes to get to Sheppey. This meant many members failed to reach the start in time to compete.

With only 9 starters, two of which were D.N.F. due to puctures the result sheet is very small.
On a warm but very windy evening Keith Walker gained his 2nd win with a good time on a tough evening with a time of 23m 37s, this was 17s faster than 2nd place Antony Bee. Top junior Ben Foames was only Many thanks to all the helpers, they were, John Booty, Paul Buckley, Chris Hyde, Clin Maisey, Geoff Martin, Roch Moppett, Rodney Smith and Brian Sturgess. 

  1. Keith Walker        23m 37s 1st Vet + 3m 04s, 3rd Hcp
  2. Antony Bee        23m 54s 2nd Vet + 2m 51s
  3. Ben Foames        24m 36s 1st Hcp
  4. Richard Masters    25m 26s 2nd Hcp, 3rd Vet + 1m 10s
  5. Steve Bishop        27m 57s  
  6. Dave Bishop        28m 06s
  7. Vlad Sologub        28m 37s

This Wednesday 29th July we are at Harrietsham. We have been asked to supply marshals for this event/ If you have not helped in an evening event now is your chance to do so.
Any problems at the tunnel will be at the French side. All vehicles are being searched and anyone with a large amount of yellow jerseys will be charged of driving whilst under the influence of drugs! -Clin



1st July 2015 HARRIETSHAM - 10mile

With the M20 being used as a lorry park the A20 was not available for time trials.

The Medway Velo Club kindly invited the Wigmore C.C. to join them on the Iwade course so that the Wigmore members could still have an event. On the hottest day this year many riders found the conditions unpleasant and their times reflected the problems racing in the high temperature. Nevertheless Keith Walker had no problems and won with a time of 23m 43s. Putting him 34s clear of 2nd place Tony Bee. The previous week only 2s separated them. The outstanding ride of the evening was by 16 year old Ben Foames who recorded a P.B. with 24m 21s.                                                                

  1. Keith Walker                      23m 43s 1st Vet + 2m 58s
  2. Antony Bee                        24m 17s 2nd Vet + 2m 28s
  3. Ben Foames                       24m 21s P.B 2nd Hcp.
  4. Richard Masters               24m 48s 1st Hcp  3rd Vet +1m 48s
  5. Hadon Davis                       25m 06s P.B. 3rd Hcp
  6. Franco Della Mura           26m 35s
  7. Dave Bishop                       26m 50s
  8. Chris Hyde                          27m 51s
  9. Brian Sturgess                   29m 16s
  10. Paul Newberry                  30m 46s
  11. Leighton Dalley                 32m 52s
  12. Ian Ward                              33m 42s
  13. Gerald Farrow                   36m 40s

Many thanks to all the helpers, Medway V.C.had Mick Florey, Ernie Mackey and Vic Williams and Wigmore C.C’s John Booty, Clin Maisey, Geoff Martin and Roch Moppett.     - Clin


INTERCLUB vs MedwayVelo - 24th June 2015 HARRIETSHAM - 10mile

The inter-club 10 mile Time Trial held at Iwade between Medway Velo Club and Wigmore Cycling Club, was always going to be a close contest with the fastest 6 riders from each club counting for the team award. Although Wigmore provided the top 4 fastest times, Medway V.C. filled the next 6 places. The fastest time with what is believed to be a course record was Wigmore’s Dan Fricker  with 22m 57s. Wigmore’s Rodney Smith finished in 23m 14s for 2ndd place just ahead of club mate Keith Walker’s 23m 39s. Medway V.C. then filled the next 6 positions with only 66s separating them.

The team award went to Wigmore C.C. with a time of 2h 24m 24s, just ahead of  Medway V.C. recorded 2h 27m 36s.                   


  1. ~ Dan Fricker                        22m 57s  
  2. ~ Rodney Smith                    23m 14s 1st Vet + 3m 40s
  3. ~ Keith Walker                      23m 39s 2nd Vet + 3m 02s
  4. ~ Antony Bee                        23m 41s 3rd Vet + 2
  5. ~ Hadon Davis                   25m 16s 3rd Hcp
  6. Richard Masters               25m 37s 1st Hcp
  7. Dave Bishop                       25m 50s
  8. Franco Della Mura           26m 32s
  9. Brian Sturgess                   29m 14s
  10. Nick Howlett                      29m 27s
  11. Leighton Dalley                 32m 02s 2nd Hcp
  12. Gerald Farrow                   35m 13s



  1. ~ Matt Saywell                      24m 02s
  2. ~ Robert Kennison              24m 04s
  3. ~ Lee Pilcher                          24m 39s
  4. ~ Alex Wooley                      24m 51s
  5. ~ Tom Kennison                   24m 52s
  6. Jacob Kennison                 25m 08s
  7. Antony Johnson               25m 21s
  8. Louis Mason                       25m 39s
  9. Andy Hawes                       25m 59s
  10. Phil Booth                           26m 02s
  11. Lee Kingstone                   26m 21s
  12. Harvey Pope                      26m 53s
  13. Mark Barton                       27m 01s
  14. Matt Nunn                          27m 25s
  15. Karen Florey                      30m 35s

Many thanks to all the helpers, they were /john Booty, Clin Maisey, Geoff Martin, Roch Moppett, Matt Owens and Len Osborn from the Wigmore C.C. Medway V.C. helpers were Mike Fowley, Rod Kennison, Ernie Mackey, Vic Williams and anyone else I may have missed - Clin


10th June 2015 HARRIETSHAM - 10mile

With the daylight staying longer this week’s event was 25 miles long. A pity it wasn’t like a summer’s evening  instead of being a cool and very windy one. Nevertheless some riders managed to produce good times on the undulating course which started at Harrietsham and took the riders to Ashford then back along the A20 to Leeds roundabout before finishing at Harrietsham. Once again the winner was Rodney Smith with an excellent time in the windy conditions of 58m 45s. A little slower in 2nd position was Jacob Nicholson with 59m 37s and Keith Walker 3rd in 1h 00m 26s. The outstanding ride of the evening was by 16 year old Hadon Davis riding his first 25 mile event and recorded a really great time of 1h 5m 39s.


  1. Rodney Smith                    58m 45s 1st Vet +9m 29s, 3rd Hcp
  2. Jacob Nicholson                59m 37s
  3. Keith Walker                      1h 00m 26s 2nd Hcp + 7m 36s
  4. Andy Dixon                         1h 2m 21s 3H .11rd Vet +6m 58s
  5. Hadon Davis                       1h 5m 39s 1st Hcp
  6. Dave Bishop                       1h 8m 46s
  7. Franco Della Mura           1h 9m 31s
  8. Richard Masters               1h 9m 33s 2nd Hcp
  9. Chris Hyde                          1h 11m 27s
  10. Vlad Sologub                      1h 12m 44s
  11. Steve Bishop                      1h 18m 40s
  12. Gerald Farrow                   1h 38m 58s

Next week (17 June) is a 10 mile T.T. at /harrietsham and we have to supply 5 helpers.

The following week is an inter-club 10 mile with the Medway V.C. at Iwade. With a limit of 30 riders, (15 per club) , please let me know if you can ride so I can sort out a start order. - Clin


3rd June 2015 HARRIETSHAM - 10mile

On a good evening Rodney Smith recorded his 4th win albeit he had to share it with David Williams. They both recorded the fast time of 22m 22s. There was also a close finish for 3rd position with Antony Bee finishing in 23m 05s, just 3s ahead of Keith Walker. 16 year old Chris Hyde increased the gear on his 33 year old B.S.A. from 72 inches to 76 inches hoping to improve on last week’s excellent time of 27m 02s. Unbelievable he finished with exactly the same time.


  1. Rodney Smith                    22m 22s 1st Vet +4m 23s
  2. David Williams                   22m 22s
  3. Antony Bee                        23m 05s 2nd Vet +3m 40s
  4. Keith Walker                      23m 08s 3rd Vet +3m 33s
  5. Alan Newman                   24m 54s P.B.  3rd Hcp
  6. David Bishop                      25m 20s
  7. Andy Dixon                         25m 52s
  8. Franco Della Mura           25m 55s
  9. Steve Harman                   26m 19s
  10. Steve Bishop                      26m 42s
  11. Robert Philbrook              26m 47s
  12. Graham Strugnell             27m 01s.
  13. Chris Hyde                          27m 02s.
  14. Matt Owens                       27m 26s.
  15. Nick Howlett                      27m 42s
  16. Paul Newberry                  29m 17s. 2nd Hcp
  17. Gerald Farrow                   35m 26s. 1st Hcp

Next Wednesday (10th June) we are at Harrietsham for a 25 mile event. Don’t be put off by the distance, it is good training for the shorter distances. - Clin        


27th May 2015 HARRIETSHAM - 10mile

You do not have to own a modern expensive bike to compete in a cycle race has Chris Hyde proved last Wednesday (27th May). The Wigmore C.C. 16 year old youngster rode the 10 mile event at Harrietsham on his 1982 B.S.A. medium gear fixed wheel and surprised everyone with his time. With an average cadence over 100 r.p.m. and legs spinning like a windmill in a gale force wind he speed down Harrietsham Hill to finish with P.B. time of 27m 02s. Good enough to be most improved rider. Rodney Smith was fastest with his 3rd win and a very fast time of 22m 17s. Andy Dixon took 2nd position with 23m 20s and 3rd place went to Dave Bishop in 25m 19s.

Final Result

  1. Rodney Smith                       22m 17s 1st Vet
  2. Andy Dixon                           23m 20s 2nd Vet
  3. Dave Bishop                          25m 19s 3rd Vet
  4. Graham Strugnell                 26m 31s
  5. Matt Owens                          26m 57s P.B. 2nd Hcp
  6. Chris Hyde                             27m 02s P.B 1st Hcp.
  7. Steve Bishop                         27m 13s.
  8. Nick Howlett                         28m 24s
  9. Anna Saunders                     31m 03s P.B. 3rd Hcp

Many thanks to our helpers with the pushing off, Clin Maisey and Geoff Martin. Next week we are at Harrietsham for another 10 mile event. -Clin



20th May 2015 HARRIETSHAM - 10mile

Although it started in clear cool conditions, 4 miles along the course it was dull and raining, making the turn at the roundabout slippery. Fortunately everyone negotiated the turn safely and produced some very good times. This is why you are asked to have a bright rear light on. With the cars having their head lights on because of the poor visibility you really should have lights on. If you don’t and you have an accident you will probably get the blame for not having a light on.  Rodney Smith was fastest with a great time of 22m 11s. He was well clear of 2nd placed Andy Dixon with 23m 35s. and Keith Walker’s 23m 57s for 3rd position. Two riders posted P.B’s. They were Alan Newman with 25m 28s and Matt Owens with 27m 18s.


  1. Rodney Smith                    22m 11s 1st Vet, 3rd Hcp
  2. Andy Dixon                         23m 35s 2nd Vet
  3. Keith Walker                      23m 57s 3rd Vet
  4. Alan Newman                   25m 28s P.B.
  5. Dave Bishop                       25m 32s
  6. Franco Della Mura           26m 24s
  7. Steve Harman                   26m 37s
  8. Richard Masters               26m 59s 1st Hcp
  9. Steve Bishop                      27m 03s
  10. Graham Strugnell             27m 14s
  11. Matt Owens                       27m 18s P.B. 2nd Hcp
  12. Nick Howlett                      28m 18s
  13. Paul Newberry                  30m 25s
  14. Ian Ward                              33m 45.

Many thanks to the club helpers, they were as follows. Antony Bee, John Booty, Gerald Farrow, Clin Maisey and Geoff Martin. Next Wednesday 27th May we are at Harrietsham again. -Clin



13th May 2015 HARRIETSHAM - 10mile

A good evening last Wednesday (13th May) with all the club riders posting P.B. or season fastest times. Congratulations to Dan winning his 3rd event this year with a fantastic time of 22m 02s.


  1. Dan Fricker                         22m 02s P.B.
  2. Antony Bee                        22m 42s 1st Vet
  3. Keith Walker                      22m 45s 2nd Vet
  4. Phil Appleby                       23m 27s
  5. Andy Dixon                         24m 16s. 3rd Vet
  6. David Bishop                      25m 36s 1st Hcp
  7. Franco Della Mura           25m 47s.
  8. Steve Harman                   26m 06s P.B.
  9. Graham Strugnell             27m 24s.
  10. Brian Sturgess                   27m 47s P.B. 3rd Hcp
  11. Nick Howlett                      27m 59s.
  12. Mat Owens                        28m 19s P.B. 2nd Hcp
  13. Anna Saunders                 31m 41s P.B.
  14. Ian Ward                              34m 44s.

Next Wednesday (20th)we are at Harrietsham and have to supply 5 helpers. Please be prepared to forgo your ride if necessary. -Clin



6th May 2015 GRAIN - 10mile

Last night’s evening Time Trial was cancelled due to gale force winds making the conditions dangerous to race. Next week we are at Harrietsham. There is a limit of 45 riders and I hope to get there early and make sure private entries do not sign on before 6-30pm. The event starts at 7pm so make sure you are there before 6-30pm to stand any chance of getting a ride.