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We are a UK Kent based Under 23 and Junior Road Race Team, acting as a Academy for the Wigmore Cycling Club, and being run by the Bike Warehouse Gillingham.

The Wigmore Cycling Club has a strong Go Ride club, and the academy will act as a stepping stone from the Go-Ride to the racing scene at both regional and national levels.  The Team take riders who show the level and commitment needed.  The 2016 Team 1 rider from WigmoreCC, 3 from the old Victory go-ride, 1 from VC Deal, 3 from VC Meudon and 1 from Spain.  It's not just about winning races, it's about developing riders in every area that they need to be good pros.  There are mental aspects, living the pro lifestyle and self-discipline aspects too, as well as developing bunch riding skills.

For the 2016 season will be riding on Bottecchia T1 with Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra group sets with Rotor Q-Rings & cranks and Speedplay pedals, and will be racing in association with our friends:

The Bike Warehouse "".
Bottecchia ""
SH+ ""
Teknofuel ""
SPH -therapies ""
Lake shoes

Updated 26/04/2016.  For older news and race reports, please check the archives: 1 2


Bec Road Race, 120km - 8th May 2016.

80 Riders rolled out on this hot sunny day..
We had Harry Ribbons and Ben Formes taking the start.

First lap from the gun and flat out with attack, after attack going up the road, then being brought back with our two boys in the action. It took 2 laps for it to settle down, with a group of 9 holding a small gap, only for the bunch behind to surge and catch the group. The attacks started again and 3 got away, soon they had a minute gap and the riders were Richard Mardle Felt Colbornes, Liam Yates Neon Yellow and Harry Godding PMR.
7 laps gone and the gap was at 3 minutes, all looking strong and working well together.
3 more laps down and heading for the Crowborough Circuit, it has a sting in it's tall as it heads into the Ashdown Forest, with a 20% climb to shake things up.
The first lap turned the bunch inside out, with riders all over the circuit.
Up front 3 became 1, as Harry Godding found himself all alone pushing hard.
The chaos behind putting pay to Ben's day after yesterday's efforts and the gap to the front was down to 30 seconds.
A lap later, what was left of the main bunch settled into 2 main groups of no more than 10 riders.
With Harry Godding still out front and being hunted down by Ashley Cox CC Luton.
Two laps to go and maybe the heat and the climbs now taking its toll, Ashley caught Harry Godding and passed him. A lap to go Ashey Cox was looking unstoppable.
The finish was on a climb off of the circuit and into the famous Hundred Acre Wood.
Ashley Cox CC Luton taking the win.
Our Harry Ribbons digging deep to finish just out side the top twenty.

Massive Thanks the Bec Cycling Club for putting on a top event again.



Wasing Park Southern XC Mountain Bike Race - 8th May 2016.

Billy-joe Whenman Returns to racing with Bottecchia Uk after a long fight with a knee Injury.

Billy's first MTB race back, was at Wasing Park Southern XC. Billy said "it's been a long road to recovery for my knee, happy to be back on the trails" after Billy said "Legs weren't up to the job, but im happy with my performance". He came 8th Elite on the day and no ill effects on the knee, 85% fit Billy can only mean one thing Onwards & Upwards.




Full Gas Lee Valley Summer Crit League #1 - 4th May 2016.

E/1/2 1 Hour plus 5 Laps..
Lone rider Ben Foames racing with the 50 starters in the first round.
Steady start until lap 3 when the race hotted up, with 3 riders going up the road, Ben seeing 2 more riders jumping across to the move. He jumped on and went across with them, then the groups came together and started working hard to push on, with the other riders coming across in ones and twos swelling the group to ten.
The group now set about the job of working together, like a team time trail and no one missing a turn with bunch in pursuit. For the next 30 laps, that's how the race went more like a pursuit, with the ten slowly opening out their advantage.
Coming into 5 laps to go the group still working well together, almost looking like they would lap the field. You could see the riders starting to think about how they could win this races, amazingly no one made an attack until half lap to go, then all was set for a bunch sprint Ben picking out the best wheel in the bunch and holding on to it.
The sprint opened up by Joe Sutton PMR. Ben opening up his sprint for the line with a 100 meters to go. The remaining riders giving it their all, to take the win. 5 riders hitting the line at the same time and none of them sure who took the win and having to wait to hear the result from the line judges.
The Win going to Jez McCann Richardsons trek second to Joe Sutton PMR and Ben taking third.
Another strong ride by Ben, remembering he is only a second year junior and taking on riders much older and experienced than himself.



Barnsley Road Club Race E/1/2/3 130km, Carlecotes - 22nd May 2016

Daniel & peter racing Today.

This prestigious trophy race, in honour of Barnsley Road Clubs founders in 1924 is held on one of the highest and most challenging courses in the UK, The Carlecotes Course. The riders completed 12 laps of a 6.4 mile Pennine circuit with the finish on top of Flight Hill above the Holme Valley, and ascending around 2500 metres through the race. The race was one of 4 seasons with bright sunshine, rain, hail and cloud. A real hard mans race. The difficult circuit and conditions meant that only 20 riders finished the 77 mile race out of the 58 starters.

A hard day racing today after not feeling great on the first few laps but managing to stay in the main group with Peter Hitt, who made a few strong attacks on the first laps. Started to gain rhythm staying near the front of the group, but didn't manage to get over to the break that had formed half way through the 130km race. Carried on pushing to stay in the main group over the next few laps with some harsh conditions to deal with on lap 7 when a freak hailstorm hit. Pushed on in the main group up until the final climb to the line, where I attacked from early on managing to finish in 11th place and get some national points giving me now 2nd cat license.
Some great team work by peter today.

The Race was won by Matthew Nowell (Wheelbase Altura MGD) who thrived on the hilly circuit.

He won the Bill Miles Memorial Trophy and a £300 first prize.

(Report by Dan)

Central Regional Championships - 5th June 2016.

With Daniel Nieto racing in Welsh National Championships the rest of the team was racing the Regional Championships.
Peter Hitt at the Central Championships Tom Rowing , Harry Ribbons , Dave Williams , Albert Ellison and Ben Foames at the South East Regional Championships.

Central Regional championships. Peter Hitt felt super strong and at the start of lap two, when he went on the attack. Another rider went with him, but it turned out that he was more of a hindrance, as he refused to come through and when he did his turns, they were significantly slower than Pete's. Regardless of the policing, Pete pushed on and built a decent lead over the bunch over the next 10km or so.
However on the draggy climbs He really needed some help into the wind and as attacks went off from the bunch, behind they started to bring the gap down. Eventually Pete figured That he would be better off sitting up and trying again later with someone more helpful...
Back in the bunch Pete was recoverying from his earlier effort and was now on the steepest part of the course, when about 10 riders pushed ahead. There were about 20 riders between pete and the split when the gap just exploded. Pete did his best to bridge the gap, but they had too much of an advantage and he couldn't close it. By the time things settled down and groups had reformed, there were about 10 up the road, with 10 in petes chasing group. Everyone else's race was over.
A few of the group were up for working to pull it back, while a few other guys seemed determined to do nothing and then randomly attack. In the end pete pulled out with 2 laps to go, as he had burnt too many matches early on and he could feel himself fading in the heat. Great effort on a hot day with no team mates for support. Liam Stones NFTO Won the race.

The South East Regional Championships got under way in a very sunny Bletchingley surrey and with a smaller field than usual, with a nocturn in London last night, that didn't stop the race getting off to a flying start with Pedal Heaven taking the race on from the gun.
Three riders opening up an advantage over the main bunch and over the next three laps they was held at one minute, with some attacks being made from the bunch. The gap started to come back down, with our boys on the front doing their bit to check the move, two laps on and the race was all together. By this time Dave had called it a day and was now helping out at the feed with John and Claire, whilst being kept busy, due to the heat and need for water bottles to be handed up.
It was at this point the first of drama hit the team with Ben getting a front wheel puncture, a quick change and a little chase to get back to bunch, where Tom was waiting to help Ben back to the front of the bunch.
On the next lap on the main decent drama hit the race with a very high speed crash, taking down about 15 or more riders and holding up more.
Ben came down hard in the crash and was unable to continue, with about 10 others not rejoining the race.
With news traveling fast through the bunch, of the crash and the nature of the size of it, the riders decided not to push on, but roll on slowly allowing riders to rejoin the main bunch.
A lap on and the race was back on, with attacks going and coming back. With three laps to go and the winning move went and held a slender lead over the bunch.
Coming down to a sprint for the win for Josh Lawless PMR, coming out on top and taking the championships from Harrison Jones Pedal Heaven.

With Albert coming in 20th and Harry 21st the teams early efforts put pay to Tom's day, but he can hold his head up high with a great team effort. Maybe the riders are a little disappointed, but the team rode as a unit and they should take some solace in that fact.

Special thanks to Julian and Debbie Sutton who looked after Ben and took him to the hospital, along with Joe Sutton, for a precautionary check up! Just a bit of road rash and bruising.

Big thanks to John , Claire & Leighton for doing to feed and being available to Marshall.
Thanks to Phillp Jemmison for making sure we had a regional championships.