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Road: Barusevicus wins Dirtwheels Circuit Race

Dirtwheels Cycles End of Summer Circuit Race Round 2
Location: York Sport Cycle Circuit, York
Event: 27 August 2013
Report: Julie Rodman/Snowdon Sports

The promoting club’s Pete Barusevicus proved victorious in the second round of the Dirtwheels Cycles End of Summer Circuit Race staged at the York Sport Cycle Circuit in York.

The 19-year-old Dirtwheels RT rider from Bradford took the win in the 2/3/4 race, while victory in the race for 3/4 cat riders went to Clifton CC’s Richard Sharp.

The first race up was a 3/4/W event with 37 riders taking to the start line. The pace was fast and furious when Sharp took it on himself to be a human powered derny around the course at the front, with a lot of riders strung out on the back straight.

A few moves tried to go away, however it was soon chased down and the judges were getting themselves ready for a bunch sprint finish. Even adding two primes into the race didn't break up the riders with the first one going to Tim Farrow from the promoting club Dirtwheels and the second to Joe Wilkinson (Albarosa CC).

The bell was rung and the riders started to position themselves at the front for a mad gallop to the line. The strong man of the evening delivered with a win, Richard Sharp being followed by Josh Cutler (RST Racing Team) and Nicholas Latimer (Rutland CC), while a blanket could have be thrown over the next four riders.

As the light was fading and the floodlights were turned on, next up were the 2/3/4 riders with 30 taking to the start line.

The first lap saw an attack from Elliott Pike (Lichfield City CC) who had a tour of York to find the venue so adrenaline must have been high, along with Josh Ferguson of Team Wheelguru. This move last a few laps before the riders decided enough was enough.

The first prime was won by the promoting club’s Pete Barusevicus, a couple of laps after this sprint the first main move of the night was established with Pete, Nathan Wilson (Wilson Wheels), Duncan Moralee (Strategic Lions), Matt Bulmer (Dirtwheels), Andy Parr (Moda RT), David Morris (Harrogate Nova). Barusevicus won the second prime as well.

This stayed with a gap of 15 seconds to the chasing bunch. A few tried to come over and bridge the gap but to no avail. Then three riders broke clear, Nathan, Pete and Matt, these were to work well together and we had effectively three groups on the circuit.

The sprint came down to a superb run in to the line with Barusevicus gaining the win from Nathan Wilson by a wheel followed over the line by Matt Bulmer.

It has been a superb summer of racing and with floodlights giving it a nocturne feel. The next event is on the 24th September, promoted by Chevin Cycles - unless other clubs would like to have a go at doing an evening’s racing on there.

It is certainly a worthy circuit and great work by Nicky and Neil to organise the last two events. Their riders certainly did them proud on the night.


2/3/4 Race:
1 Pete Barusevicus Dirtwheels RT
2 Nathan Wilson Wilsons Wheels
3 Matt Bulmer Dirtwheels RT
4 Duncan Moralee Strategic Lions
5 Andy Parr Moda RT
6 David Morris Harrogate Nova
7 Elliott Pike Lichfield CC
8 Pete Fielding Smith Wilson Wheels
9 Russ Ellis Dirtwheels RT
10 Dave Micklethwaite 3RT

3/4 Race:
1 Richard Sharp Clifton CC
2 Josh Cutler RST
3 Nicholas Latimer Rutland CC
4 Stewart Gormley Team Swift
5 Daniel Boultby Langdale Lightweights
6 Craig Armitage Crosstrax
7 James Dyson 3RT
8 Zach Smith Selby CC
9 Toby Holmes Otley CC
10 Daniel Stotcher 3RT

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British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.