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Saturday Rides


We meet at the Aqua Vale car park, Park Street, Aylesbury at 9am every Saturday, for our main road rides. These are very popular with often sufficient participants to warrant three separate groups - Fast, Medium/Fast and Slower.

The Fast Group is for fit and experienced riders who are generally competitive in nature and keen to 'press on'.
Generally 55-65 miles.

The Medium/Fast Group is intended to provide an opportunity for a group ride at a reasonably brisk pace which can stretch you a little on occasion, but not beyond your limits.
Generally 50 - 60 miles.

The Slower Group will be at a steadier pace to accommodate the needs of those who just want a sociable ride in good company.
Approx 40 - 50 miles.

We welcome cyclists riding with us for the first time. However, from past experience we would recommend that everyone, other than those coming to us as a recent active member of a road cycling club, should initially ride with the slower group.

To ensure you have a good experience you do need to be capable of riding 35 miles plus in less than two and a half hours. If you are not sure and would prefer a more gentle introduction, we also have a monthly "coffee-stop" ride that may be suitable (details here).

Sometimes when numbers or situation dictates the Medium/Fast and Slower Groups may merge.

Please note that "pay and display" parking is available at the Aqua Vale site. We normally expect to be riding for at least four hours, so please ensure that you pay for sufficient time if you do leave a car there. Note also that the car park does get busy on a Saturday morning.