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The current situation

The Bath BMX track is currently maintained by Bath BMX Committee, made up of keen riders and parents and recognised by the local council. Indeed, Bath & NE Somerset (BANES) have, over the last 2 years, completely re-developed the track. However, we have now reached the end of all possible improvement without additional funding.

In April 2014, the track played host to one of the nine races as part of the South West Regional Championships. All expert riders were members of British Cycling although the event was also open to novice riders, therefore responding to BANES ambition to open cycling to a wider audience. Although a successful event, the shortcomings of the track - no fencing, too-small berms, no power or water next to the track - were evident. 

However,  the site is ideal for further development. With the space available, it would be possible to build a national standard track for current riders whilst attracting new riders. As there has already been considerable investment on the site with the road cycle track (from the council and British Cycling) and brand-new clubhouse facilities, it would seem to be a logical next step to develop the area into a cycling hub, similar to Cyclopark in Kent. As well as improving the BMX track, the plan is to add additional mountain bike tracks and pump/skills tracks. 

BMX in the South West

The South West Regional Championships have been running for a number of years and Bath has been an occasional inclusion, dependent on the effectiveness of the incumbent committee.

The South West no longer has a national-standard track: the nearest are in Birmingham and Manchester. The latter has Europe’s only indoor track in the National Cycling Centre as well as four 4 national-standard tracks within a half-hour drive. The national results have started to show that riders from the North of England are performing better and this is undoubtedly due to the outstanding facilities to which they have access.

Our Vision

  • To make track safe and reduce current level of maintenance required.
  • Build safe storage area trackside for gate equipment and training aids.
  • Bring gate up to date, make safe and also remove the current complicated set-up.
  • Train all committee members with the safe operation of gate and safe use of the track.
  • Mark ‘safe stopping’ areas on track.
  • Run Gate Sessions at least once a week on summer evenings and winter weekends.
  • Within the Gate Sessions, run Beginners Classes - bringing riders onto the track safely after showing riding competence on flat ground/pump track.
  • Bring in new riders by talking to schools and asking schools to put up posters, inviting youth projects to come to sessions.
  • Develop youth in club races, starting with the youngest members as a fun end to Gate Sessions and progressing from there as attendance grows.
  • Continue developing relationships with other clubs with the aim of running interclub races and training sessions.
  • Run regular formal coaching sessions with the BC affiliated coaches that have expressed interest in local rider development.
  • Involve parents of members and adult riders within the club, therefore enabling us to run a wider range of activities at the track.


Long Term Aims for the Track

  • Total track rebuild (includes increasing size of all berms)
  • Install new 3m start gate (Rensink Safety start gate)
  • Install permanent water supply 
  • Install power supply
  • Build permanent pens
  • Build pump track
  • Install floodlights