Join British Cycling

Club Membership

Family Membership: £20 per annum per household.

Individual Membership: £16 per annum

For more information, please message Bolton Hot Wheels through the Contact Us page on the website.

After 3 sessions, you are encouraged to obtain membership. Bolton Hot Wheels CC Membership is aimed at getting the whole family involved, so remember to register all the members in your household so that you are all insured to take part in our events, ideal for Family Rides.

Membership gives additional access to information of other Club activities. The Club's standard form of communication to all members is by email. The monthly Newsletter is sent this way to inform members of future events, celebrate success and give general information. Members also have access to our closed group Facebook page. You can find lots of useful advice and helpful support within this group.

Membership is payable through Bolton Hot Wheels Club profile on the British Cycling web site. The link below will direct you to the profile page.