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Melissa Boylin's Report on the 2016 Isle of Man Youth Tour

On the last weekend in April, I competed at the Isle of Man Youth Tour with Ethan Grimshaw (Noise/Dora), Ethan Cuerden (Flora) and Felix Cuerden (King Felix). The trip was amazing but the races were very hard. The first race was the time trial, which was my favourite race this took place on the promenade at Douglas. The distance of the time trial was 1.29km we all did the same. The weather was sunny but there was a horrible head wind coming down and a tail wind coming back.

On the second day we travelled to Ellerslie. This stage was the hill climb which was the race I liked the least, because it was the race I found the hardest. The weather was beautiful all nice and sunny unlike last year when there was horrible rain. The distance of the hill climb was 4 miles per lap. I should have completed 3 Laps 4 uphill climbs. I got lapped on the top of climb therefore only completing 2 laps and but 3 uphill climbs.Felix had the downhill and the hill climb once. Both Ethan's had to do 2 laps and 3 hill climbs, which they all completed.

On the final day we travelled to Ramsey for the circuit race. These are the races that I am used to doing. The weather at the start of the day was absolutely horrible. It was chucking it down. It was also very cold. It did stop raining for the races but it was very windy coming down the promenade.

Felix_IOM.jpg Mel_Hill_Climb_IOM.jpg Mel_IOM.jpg

On the final evening, we attended the presentation. This was a celebration for all the stage winners they were awarded medals and certificates.It was a very eye-opening experience. We all learned loads. Going to the Isle of Man was such a fun trip. I would definitely go again and I would recommend it to all racers.