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Cyclocross races, while competitive, are a fun event open to all age categories. Races generally take place in Autumn and Winter so you can expect all types of weather and mud!

Bolton Hot Wheels has a strong tradition and success in this type of racing. The Club can average 20 riders, covering many age categories, per event at the North West West Cyclo-Cross Association (NWCCA) series. Many parents have also caught the bug and entered races themselves.

To compete in a cyclocross race you will need a cylcocross bike or mountain bike. Gear restrictions do not apply.

Cyclocross courses vary in size and difficulty dependent on age category. A course may feature different types of surface (tarmac, grass, mud!) dependent on the venue and may have natural or placed obstacles. At times the rider may need to dismount their bike to push or carry it.

A race consists of multiple laps for a set amount of time.

North West Cyclocross Association (NWCCA) runs cyclocross races (cross races) around the North West between September and February. If you wish to take part in league standings you will need to join the league for which there is a fee.

Please check for further information.

Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Association also run summer cross events. Further details can be found at