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Road racing generally doesn't take place on open roads for riders up to16 years of age. Most races are held on closed road circuits. Our local road circuits are : -

Tameside Cycle Circuit, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL7 9HG

Preston Cycle Circuit, Preston UCLAN Sports Arena, PR2 1SG

Steven Burke Cycle and Sports Hub, Nelson, BB9 8SJ

Salt Ayre Circuit, Lancaster, LA1 5JS

Litherland Circuit, Liverpool, L21 7LA

Palatine Circuit, Blackpool, FY4 2AP

The picture below shows racing at Litherland Circuit.


Gear restrictions are required for all riders under 16. British Cycling cite that by restricting gears, competition becomes more equal, stops riders becoming injured through pushing big gears and encourages a rider to use race techniques.

The gear restrictions refer to the distance a bike can travel with one pedal revolution while the bike is in its biggest gear. The bike will be checked before the race (roll-out) and the race organiser will reject the bike if the gears do not meet the restrictions.

If you are not sure how to check the gears, then you can ask a coach or find information on the British Cycling website.

The table below shows current gear restrictions per current British Cycling guideline (2016), always check for any new changes.

Category Road Racing Track Racing Roller Racing
A 6.93m 6.93m 7.93m
B 6.45m 6.45m 7.40m
C 6.05m 6.05m 6.94m
D 5.40m 5.40m 5.40m
E 5.10m 5.10m 5.10m


Race Kit

It is advisable to pack your bag the night before a race, as sign-on is usually quite early in the morning. Below is a helpful kit list of items to take with you to a race.

Bike!   Skinsuit or Shorts       Spare Clothes
Helmet   Short Sleeved Top   Water Bottle with plenty of drinks
Race Licence / Day Licence money      Long Sleeved Top   Snacks / Lunch
Race Entry Money   Leg / Arm Warmers   Repair Kit / Pump
Cycling Shoes   Waterproof Jacket   Hat / Gloves
Gloves (long fingered or mitts)   Warm Jacket   Towel

Local Races

Tameside Race League runs on Tuesday night from April to August for all categories at Tameside circuit. You need to register in the league prior to racing.

Litherland Circuit League runs on a Wednesday night from April for all categories at the Litherland Circuit. You need to register in the league prior to racing.

The Lewis Balyckyi Glasdon Crit Series run on a Thursday night from March at UCLAN in Preston. These races are for A and B categories only.

Other events of interest

Dolan Series - March A to E categories.

North West Youth League - April to September, A to E categories.

North West Youth Tour - May bank holiday weekend, A to C categories.