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Track: John Brearley lands a Scunthorpe track double

Dave Marsh Track League
Location: Quibell Park, Scunthorpe, North Lincs
Event: 6 September 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

There was a senior double for John Brearley (Cottingham Coureurs) as the Scunthorpe Track League moved into the final three weeks of the season.

The Hull–based 25-year-old won the 20-lap scratch race from Dan Ellmore (Ellmore Factory Racing) after an earlier victory in the handicap devil-take-the-hindmost.

The programme of youth races saw two wins apiece for Ben Turner (Dinnington RC) and Robbie Sturdy (Lincsquad).


Senior A&B

8-lap scratch

1 David Brearley (Scunthorpe Poly CC), 2 Neil Stainthorpe (Scunthorpe Poly CC), 3 Richard Baldwin (Bike Box Alan/Whiston Velo)

Handicap Devil

1 John Brearley (Cottingham Coureurs), 2 Max Williamson (Lincsquad), 3 Richard Baldwin

20-lap scratch

1 John Brearley, 2 Dan Ellmore (Ellmore Factory Racing), 3 Richard Baldwin

Senior A

8-lap scratch

1 Max Williamson, 2 Dan Ellmore, David Brearley

Senior B

8-lap scratch

1 Neil Stainthorpe, 2 Paul Jones (V-Sprint), 3 Anthony Jones (Featherstone RC)


4-lap block handicap

1 Ben Turner (Dinnington RC), 2 Anna Docherty (Clifton CC), 3 Bryony Bower (Lincsquad)

1-lap boys handicap

1 Ben Turner, 2 Robbie Sturdy (Lincsquad), 3 Max Poole (Lincsquad)


1 Robbie Sturdy, 2 Ben Turner, 3 Anna Docherty

1-lap girls handicap

1 Caitlin Bower (Lincsquad), 2 Bryony Bower, 3 Anna Docherty

4-lap scratch

1 Robbie Sturdy, 2 Ben Turner, 3 Caitlin Bower


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