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Job Opportunities

The club is very fortunate in having many members that give their time to the running and organising of club activities.  We always could do with more so here are some more jobs/ roles we could do with someone taking up.

Social Secretary - We need someone to organise the annual awards event and AGM and possibly more if you would like to take this on.  E.g. last year Ruth Gray organised a volunteers BBQ and games event as a thank you all the club members who gave the most time in helping in 2017 which was great but the awards and AGM would be a good start.

Time Trial Secretary - Represent the Time Trial group on the committee and co-ordinate club Time Trial activity. 

Publicity and PR - Could you make sure our events and activity is fully communicated using all media?  So much is going on and we can never do enough to publicise and celebrate members' achievements 

Club Administrator - We need to employ someone to manage the club admin across a range of activity now.  To support the club activity now takes several hours a week and is not possible to do all this within someone's 'normal' hours.  This would cover areas such as 

  • Paying invoices
  • Placing orders, bookings
  • Maintaining an equipment inventory
  • Course admin such as first aid courses and coach courses booking
  • Membership support admin as well, Forum access, ID cards etc
  • Data privacy update policy and records of who has access to data
  • Maintain on-line/ cloud records
  • Post and maintain Teammk FB page/ Website news
  • Produce a regular newsletter

If you are interested in any of the above please contact Trevor Thomas at