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Team MK Time Trials 2019
2019 League table as it stands
Up to and including round 13 (Brogborough 8th July 2019)

Points are awarded in each race as 20 points for 1st place down to 2 points for 19th place, and 1 point for every other finisher. Each rider's best 10 scoring events are then totalled to give their position.

At present, no rider has ridden more than 10 events, so all rides are counting towards total points.

PositionNameTotal pointsPoints from best 10 racesRaces ridden
1Trevor Hook1241249
2Jason Lee10210210
3Lewis Muncaster96966
4David Forbes90908
5Adrian Cox87876
6Aleck Hornshaw74744
7Simon Hanrahan72726
8Roy Chamberlain69694
9Jonathan Peters68684
10Kevin Stokes66664
11Rob Riekie64648
12Tim Bailey63634
13Adam Strudwick59593
14Alex Knowles59599
15Simon Cannings56563
16Matt Exley50503
17Ewan Grady49494
18Ben Chapman47473
19Barbara de Koning464610
20Geoff Perry45454
21Paul Haigh43439
22Jude Chamberlain42423
23Steven Wootton40402
=23Oliver Knight40402
25Aaron McCaffrey39392
26Paul Rendle34342
27Bart Rienties34344
28Charles Philippe33333
29Fred Edwards32328
30Clive Faine31318
31Oswin Grady29293
32Matt Rizzo-Naudi29294
33Steve Torley28282
34Sam Hunt25252
35Mick Case23232
36Sonja de Koning232310
37Jack Rose22222
38Ciaran Dorrity22223
39Jon Hunt21213
40John Wingfield20201
=40Will Scott20201
=40Adam Fisher20201
43Graeme Church212011
44Joel Corbishley19191
=44Gavin Howell19191
=44Ian Knight19191
47Andrew Lee19193
48Nathan Gallavan18181
=48Mark Booth18181
50Jack Pinchin17171
=50Stuart Boyer17171
=50Neil Castree17171
=50Sean Dines17171
54Peter Gregg17172
55Mathew Baker16161
=55Billy Fadden16161
=55Paul French16161
=55Sam Brown16161
59Dan Hippey15153
60David Holmes-Evans12121
=60Gary Patmore12121
62Will Eastman11111
=62Lauren Murphy11111
=62Charles Phillipe11111
65Oscar Heslop11112
66Edward Johnson11114
67Shaun Jenkinson991
68Giovanni Zuccolo992
69Barry Harman993
70James Moore881
=70Rich Connor881
=70Paul Settle881
=70Matthew Clarke881
=70David Carrington881
75Julia Chatterton883
76Stephen Coomber771
77Rachel Edwards661
78Lucie Gallen664
79Livvy Pearson666
80Daniel Roberts551
81George Markitanis552
82Chris Binch553
83Andy O'Neill331
84Helen Boatman221
=84Katie Lambert221
=84Adam Pearson221
87Auguste Euphrasie222
88Chris Johnson111
89Giorgos Markitanis111
90Michael Truett111
91Daren Haseldine111
92Finn Hansen111
93Luke Guest111
94Jeff Hathaway111
95Andrew Wickham111
96Ruth Gray111
97Hayley Stride111
98Neil McAndrew111
99Jo Parker111
100Martyn Douglas111
101Chloe Vickers111
102Bruce Giles111